How to view all cameras on a monitor?

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Is it possible to set up a monitor in my house to show the cameras? Like a 19 inch monitor showing all cameras at the same time like some security systems have.


Depends on how many cameras you have. :wink: I use an inexpensive 10" Fire tablet ($100 on sale) to monitor my cams all day. You’ll need to learn to sideload apps if you use that Amazon tablet.

If I Group the cams with the Wyze app I can display 4 cameras at a time, just swiping left to see more. So you prioritize your cameras if you have more than 4.

There is also an app called Tinycam you can use, but I don’t use that ATM, so I don’t know how many cams you can get on screen at once with that one. May be device-dependent (processing power, etc).

Tinycam users?


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I use TinyCam Monitor Pro (Android app)… But only on my phone. There are users who have loaded the app on their Amazon Fire stick devices to view on a TV. I’m not sure if the Android app changes the view pattern as I haven’t done that yet. I’m pretty sure it will also run on a computer, but I think you need an emulator.

@peepeep, @Customer, and @TomG can provide more experience than I.

In my app, I can view up to 18 cams vertical and 20 horizontal, although I don’t have that many loaded. There are multiple view patterns available based on the number of cams you have to fill out the screen. I use the 8 tile grid.


Doesn’t tinycam require RTSP firmware that’s not available? Or does it integrate directly with Wyze?

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@Newshound and @SlabSlayer covered the bases. You can use the free version of TinyCam on almost any Android tablet to do the 8-up or denser views shown above. I too use a 10" Fire tablet, but I don’t show more than 4 at a time in TinyCam Pro.

To use a 19" monitor you can use a generic Android stick or a FireTV stick. The former can run the Wyze app or any version of TinyCam. The latter is sort of limited to paid TinyCam Pro from Amazon’s store - I use this occasionally and it works well.


No. Works with native cam firmware. No settings changes or special software other than the TinyCam app and your Wyze Login\Password.

Setup is more advanced than plug-n-play, but not bad once you get the hang of it.


tinyCam good. @TomG ‘s dog distracts him with unwarranted affection. And he’s all up in birds’ bidness. And he has a kitschy chihuahua atop his mailbox. Pooping a WOC. :grin:

Since you mentioned cameras and didn’t not specifically limit your question to only Wyze (but I admit that’s probably what you meant), you might look beyond just Wyze for a more flexible solution.

I stumbled across this product recently. Ta-Daaaaa !! Its new. Its got the features of Wyze cameras but also RTSP settings so you can have your cake and eat it too.

I don’t care about solutions for multiple cameras on a single screen, so I won’t try to tell you what PC/Mac or tablet based apps are best to use for the view.

I gave up trying to get TinyCam Pro to show me cameras. Just to much tweaking compared to the 4 cam view in the Wyze app.

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Dammit, do you know how hard I resisted making that comment, complete with zoomed in photo? I decided against it in the interest of good taste and human progress. Also, the cable kind of ruined the shot. :wink:

Sorry to hear you gave up on TinyCam, @Sam_Bam .

:laughing: That’s ok, you still have the rewards your restraint afforded you. That plus a fat wallet attracts women like crazy!

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What’s the maximum number you can get streaming fluidly? I’ve heard several folks here - @K6CCC is one? - claim upwards of 12?

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8 seems to be my magic number on WiFi. Anything more than that and it gets all blinkey.

But, my greatest stability is at 3.


OK, as a test, I just tried a lot more than that via Wiz Live. Right now I have 26 cameras streaming and they are working well. Keep in mind that I have gigabit fiber here at the house and commercial grade WiFi (and the cameras are using 5 different access points.
I am clearly watching a spider web wiggle back and forth in front of one camera, and about a half dozen have either tree leaves moving or my front yard flags.


Yeah… I am nowhere near that. I have fiber but I’m one of those that refuses to pay for speed I don’t really need. I only subscribe to 200Mb with 8 on the router and 4 on an extender.

Clearly, size matters.

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Hey Jim, what is ‘Wiz Live’? And do you use tinyCam. That’s part of what I recalled which may be wrong. :slight_smile:

Maybe we should just say “YMMV”, but it probably doesn’t have much to do with Gigabit networking. Remember, these are 802.11n devices, which means they are relegated to a relatively slow network scheme.

More likely your device will determine how many cameras you can view at once. Remember the days of having low-end Android users check to see if hardware acceleration was engaged to eliminate jerkiness in the video playback?

For a quick idea of how networking might (or might not) come into play, read this thing I wrote awhile back. In short, it may depend on how much OTHER traffic you have on the network (or how slow or efficient your device hardware is, as mentioned above). So YMMV:


I use a Tp-Link Deco M9+ mesh system, two nodes, promoted as 100+ device capable, have maybe twenty-five devices total, probably 10-15 active at any time, average streaming and no other big bandwidth demands, 400/20 broadband, a lot of band competition from a dense multi-family neighborhood.

With BlueStacks Android 7 emulator on an amply equipped PC - which should exceed the processing power of any phone or tablet, I imagine…

I can do 4-up fluidly on tinyCam Pro with its settings at Main and Bitrate set at 120 KB/s. It’ll do 6-8 at times, but never rock solid for extended periods.

With the Deco mesh system, I’ve found over time that the logic that it claims to have to automatically fine tune connections does seem to work. But it doesn’t seem to retain it through cam reboots. * Must re-tune from scratch. So I don’t do the nightly cam reboots some recommend. It’s been rock solid for months. :man_shrugging:

The only things non-standard within the settings are that all cams are individually QOS prioritized. Each has a reserved address. And ‘beam forming’ is enabled.

Owned it for a couple of years and the three or four firmware updates seem to have improved it markedly.

  * And definitely not through a router reboot.


That would be damn Auto SpellMangle. Intended to be the beta Wyze Live Web View. No, I am not using TinyCam,


Sorry to butt in like this, but what do you mean you use the Wyze app to group 4 cams together? How is this accomplished if you don’t mind.

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