Looking for help with other methods to view 6 Wyze cams at once

On Tinycam after a few hours my Battery Cam Pros will start to have a 10 second delay and my V3 cams do not. I’ve tried emailing Alexey every day for 2 weeks with no reply. Does anyone know what might be causing this? Alternatively, I would accept other viewing methods as a solution. My goal is to view 6 cams on one screen on my smart TV. Does anyone have any experience with the IP cam viewer app? I’m new to this but I think I could use a WiFi NVR with my cams then HDMI to the smart tv from the NVR. Do I need to flash the Wyze cams for the RSTP firmware for that? If I go HDMI directly from NVR to smart TV will I be able to control some sort of interface with my TV remote and select how many cams I am viewing at once? I have seen you can do that but not sure if I need to have it go through a laptop or something to control it. Or maybe I could control the view remotely through a web server and that would display on my smart TV? Does anyone know any WiFi NVRs that would allow me to have a 6 cam view? Why doesn’t Wyze app have a 6+ cam view on their app and only 4? You can view multiple 6+ cams at once on my.wyze.com/live but I don’t want to pay a monthly fee. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

I would expect that the 4 limit on the app is because it was designed around using on a phone, and if you try to view more than four cameras, the image gets really small. my.wyze.com/live was designed around watching on a PC which normally has a far larger screen size.
Just my speculation.

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You wouldn’t want to use the app anyway. Any disruption and they don’t keep trying so they go down. The app isn’t good for continually streaming.

Also there’s far too many points to cover. Like these are internet based cams so they’re hitting your internet quite a lot at 6. Especially if you add certain features then it only increases.

The 10 second delay for instance should normally drop to say ~1 second or so on lowest quality stream. (This issue will do better and then do worse but lowest quality does better most of the time.)

You also really don’t want to use the outdated rtsp firmware that isn’t going to have security fixes and may have problems with the app as well. Its not a good way to go.

This sounds very similar to something raym64 and I were discussing in this thread:

Not necessarily. In fact, if you run Tiny Cam Pro in Server mode on a local device, it will give you an RTSP URL you can plug in without different firmware. There are a few other options that will convert Wyze video to RTSP without changing the firmware (Scrypted, Docker Wyze Bridge, etc). In fact, Tiny Cam Pro, Docker Wyze Bridge, and Scypted all by themselves allow multiple cameras viewed at once, but getting another program can allow more customization.

Yeah that makes sense but still why not? Some people use the app with larger tablets and would like that. Or people like me who would rather use their app than need to use someone else’s app. I would think that would be a relatively easy thing to do?

I’ve been using Tinycam to stream 6 cams for a few months now theres a few crashes here and there but probably is working 80% of the time which has been acceptable for me. Do you have any solutions to how I can view 6 wyze cams at once on my smart TV other than Tinycam or the wyze web browser?

Sorry I’m new to this so I’m a bit unsure what you’re saying I should do. What am I plugging the RTSP URL in to and why am I converting Wyze video to RTSP? I am currently using Tinycam to view 6 cameras at once but it appears the app does not work properly with the Battery Cam Pro which I just bought 4 of and am trying to use.

edit: I think you mean I can plug the RTSP URL into an NVR. If so that would be great so I don’t lose out on security updates and person detection and such. But I still have a few unknowns about NVR’s as noted in my original post.

Correct, Usually the NVR has some sort of software that will ask for your RTSP link or something. You would paste it into there.

I think most of them allow this in one way or another. I don’t feel qualified to recommend one in particular. I mostly intend to use Scrypted or Frigate as soon as I finish setting up docker and portainer on my miniPC. But for viewing 6 cameras at t time I have done this with just Docker Wyze Bridge. This is an old screenshot of it I took back in January:

, of course that was on my laptop and not a phone. I don’t think I really tried using DWB on my phone.

Great thank you so much I’ve been trying for days to get help here with this. I think I might be able to buy a cheap laptop (hopefully having enough processing power?) and set up Wyze docker bridge on that then HDMI that to the smart TV. I’m not a fan of leaving the laptop on 24/7 but it’s an option. I think an NVR is still my best bet so I need to look into that a bit more. I don’t know if I can interact with the NVR interface if it’s plugged into my smart TV with the TVs remote or I have to do it through a web browser or route it through a laptop or something. But at least I know now I don’t have to lose the more modern firmware which is great to hear. if all else fails I can just try to return my Battery Cam Pros and use the Wyze V3 cams because the V3s have no issues on Tinycam.

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It doesn’t take a lot of processing power. I was running it on my Synology NAS for a while along with several other things until I decided I wanted to move all my dockers off of my NAS so I could keep it’s resources reserved just for storage and run other stuff on a mini-PC. So what I am saying is that most computers should have sufficient resources to run it. It wasn’t very intensive.

Just remember, you usually have to do that within the first 30 days if you are going directly through Wyze for the return. Some of the other retailers that sell Wyze stuff might have different return policies though.

Oh wait, I just remembered, Docker Wyze Bridge doesn’t support Battery Cam Pros right now.

There is a new project working on resolving that, but right now Docker Wyze Bridge only works with the cameras that support TUTK (the authentication service Wyze uses on most, but not all cameras). These are the models that Docker Wyze Bridge won’t work on right now:


So it sounds like that actually won’t be a solution for you.