RTSP Tips and tricks. Desktop Viewing, Password Protect, Recording, and more

A few days ago, I wrote up instructions on how to make Wyze Cams view-able on desktop via double-clicking an icon and posted it to the Facebook group. I didn’t expect it to be so well received, but it has been, and it was suggested to me that I post it here as well. So I wrote a detailed article on it.

In the article you will find:

  • How to upgrade your Wyze Cam camera to enable RTSP
  • How to set up RTSP streaming on desktop by clicking an icon
  • How to password protect the icons (useful for shared computer)
  • How to simplify it even further by adding the icons to the start menu

Click here to see the article. Share with other who might be interested. Please send your suggestiosn for changes. Any and all feedback is appreciated.


Thanks for sharing :call_me_hand:t5:

You might want to add that they double check that the file is “demo.bin” and not “demo.bin,bin” because microsoft has done that to some people who have posted here.

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Yes I also suggested to add instructions to revert back to the standard firmware
I have another v2 coming .and I want to try it

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We just had another poster who was trying to set up a delay for live streaming that ran into that windows renaming problem.

here is how BlueIris should look setup

I was looking for someone to explain how to do this. Thanks will give it a try this weekend.

Can someone tell me step by step how to setup second wyzecam for rtsp? Thanks in advance.

I posted a few videos on my YouTube channel


Thanks for responding! The problem I have is not knowing how to set up a second camera stream. The 1st camera shows fine on vlc. The second camera doesn’t show at all, just gives errors. Unable to open the MRL. Maybe I need router setup help for 2nd camera ? It appears not to find it.

I installed BlueStacks for free, launched it and went to Google Play Store and downloaded/installed Wyze. Itt took about 5 minutes total and it worked like a charm and no need to change firmware.


Installed RTSP on my Wize Cam v2 and got RTSP to work with VLC media player to Live Stream on Windows 10.
In VLC, Media - Stream - Network - enter URL from Wyze app - then stream - Display Locally
Finally Profile Video - H.264 + MP3 (TS)
Stream Away!!

I have vlc watching a single rtsp stream, but cannot get any help in seeing more rtsp streams, more cameras. Seems no one can answer how I can watch more than one camera with rtsp. Responses seem to offer only non-responses to my specific question. That is all I want to know. RTSP. How to watch multiple cams with rtsp. I have only one working. Cant get a second rtsp camera working (like on vlc), but no one has given me a direct answer. Is it even possible? Has anyone done it? I’m only talking about rtsp, not wyze app. That is what I need help with. Is there anyone there that can show me how? Or do you know of anyone not there, that can help? I dont mean to sound ungrateful, I would just like some help. It is just that I am very frustrated with this. Thanks in advance!

Hi BBradford,
Have you looked at https://wiki.videolan.org/VLC_HowTo/Make_a_mosaic/ You will need to learn the command line switches, but you could probably script that.

Thanks for the info! Unfortunately, vlc mosaic is dealing with combining videos for a single output stream, not router settings for multiple cameras. My problem seems to be that vlc is unable to locate the second camera.

Nice to know though, should I ever need to make a mosaic! That part seems really cool! Thank you for that information!

Mosaic does multiple camera RTSP streams like here; https://alex.mamchenkov.net/2014/11/27/vlc-mosaic-multiple-rstp-streams/

Was going to use Blue Iris to show several streams at once. Just cant get the url to find the camera. But thanks for the advice! I’ll look more into that once I get the stream recognized. Thanks!

You can download an NVR such as Netcam Studio or Blue Iris. They will allow you to import sources. I’ve detailed how I did this with Netcam Studio.


Has anyone had any luck with the fancy setups (such as Luxriot) and there not being a way to tack the “/live” on anywhere…? Is there some way I can kill that on the camera or do I need to start working on some ridiculous mapping on the network side?


Use Contacam software. Easy t o configure to see all Cams in one screen. https://www.contaware.com/