RTSP a little help please - noob

I have read all that I can find about the RTSP firmware and it’s issue but could use a little clarity.
I have a need to run two v2 cameras WITHOUT any access to the internet EXCEPT for the initial setup.

It is my understanding that this WILL work. Please correct me if I am wrong.

I will be loading the firmware and getting the system working with internet access. THEN, I will be shipping everything to a family member who has no Internet access at all.

The computer OS in use is Windows 10 home. The router is actually a CenturyLink C1000a modem but it will not be hooked to the internet as there is no internet available.

I need to record 24/7 to the hard drive in loop mode if possible.

It would be nice to view something recorded from one or both cameras while STILL recording both cameras.

I could really use some suggestions regarding what to watch out for and what software to use on the PC along with setup instructions.

I really appreciate all that you can do to help me.


Wyze cameras with RTSP firmware might still need to connect to Wyze servers at power up. You might want to test that first.

But RTSP adds another complication. IPs of LAN-connected devices can change, usually when the router is rebooted. For the stock Wyze firmware, it’s not an issue, but for RTSP firmware, it is. You’ll need to fix their IPs via the router.