If I flash the RTSP capable firmware onto my WYZE cam

…would the cam still need to use the cloud or would it work completely autonomously just within my local network w/o having Internet access?

The RTSP firmware still requires access to the internet. You still have the basic Wyze functions plus RTSP.

Also there is alternate firmware from Dafang Hacks that would give you Internet free RTSP (but no Wyze app support).

Thanks for your answers. Are you aware of any firmware which supports WebRTC?

No but funny you should say that l - apparently Wyze is focusing on WebRTC for its future direction. I’m not aware of any place they’ve exposed that yet but perhaps in the beta program.

Just to be clear, if you use Dafang you won’t be able to use the Wyze Sense products. If you need those on your camera (hub, motion sensor, contact sensor) you need to stay with the Wyze RTSP firmware (like me) at least on the cameras providing the sensor functions.

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Thank you all