Local Video Support in Default Firmware

I read somewhere that RTSP is not going to continue being developed alongside the normal firmware and using it will result in not being able to use future features.

Why not put it into the default firmware but add it as an advanced feature with a “secret way” to access it (like Android developer mode) so general users will not turn it on not knowing what it does and put themselves at risk. - and make it so when it not on, everything related to it is disabled.

You are correct that the RTSP firmware will not be continuously developed with new features, etc. The reason the RTSP firmware was not incorporated into the production firmware wasn’t because Wyze didn’t want to. It is instead because hardware limitations meant that is just wouldn’t fit alongside the regular firmware.

As for simply accessing the camera over the local network without internet access (no RTSP), you may want to hop over and vote for and or comment on the following Wishlist topic:

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I was asking as I want to integrate my Wyze camera into Home Assistant but currently, the only way to currently do this is via RTSP.

I still, however, want features such as continuous recording so thieves, who may be familiar with Wyze, can not simply cover their faces, wait 12 seconds and then steal the camera.

Thinking about it maybe I should be asking for Wyze devs to work with HA devs to develop a HA integration that uses Wyze API

Please use the links I provided above to search for “Home Assistant”. You will find the #wishlist topic on that subject to vote for as well.

I will do. Apologies, I did try and search from the thread you linked but did not see those links .

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