Provide ad-hoc network functionality

I’d like to be able to take the system out to remote areas and use the Wyze app on a non-internet connected ad-hoc wireless network, especially with the new outdoor camera,

If this could be integrated into existing cameras, it would add valuable functionality in case of internet issues and allow for interesting new applications at camp sites and remote areas that don’t have reliable internet service.

Could this be done by setting up a local Wyze application server? That’s a device I’d be happy to buy :slight_smile:

If this doesn’t get enough support or interest, it would be super cool if Wyze could release and open source firmware that can be run on a microcomputer like a Raspberry Pi or Wandboard that would provide this functionality.

Can’t you get part way there with the RTSP firmware?

Hmm, yes, it would. Depending on how they chose to impliment it, RTSP could be a stop on the way to a local Wyze app server. I’d like RTSP, but I’d really like to be able to use something like the Wyze app over an ad-hoc network. I support the RTSP projects, too.

Looks as if you just joined the forum, so to be clear there are at least two ways to do RTSP from Wyze cameras. One is an official and occasionally updated alternative firmware release from Wyze that retains a subset of the cloud functionality. The other is an independent version of the OEM firmware called “Dafang” that basically makes it a standalone IP camera.

Thanks! I didn’t know that. I’ve had Wyze cameras for years, but I am new to the forum. I’ll look into that now. Where can I find the official alternative firmware?

Looks like this is the right page.

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