Internet Access with RTSP firmware


I recently made the change on the Wyze cams to use RTSP. I am not sure if my issue is because of the firmware, or not, and the reason being is I never had to do this before. Since I enabled RTSP I no longer need the alerting function, and no longer need to use the Wyze app, Sorry Wyze. For additional security, I blocked internet access to these devices since they are IoT, When I did that I notice the cameras will randomly drop off the network, and until I allow access to the internet and reboot do they now operate correctly. While doing this I also looked at my DNS cache server and saw that these cameras make a ton of requests to I believe. I assume the devices run some type of API call to a server for validation? While I am not too concerned about that, what I want to know is why do they shut off from use when they cannot access the internet? If it is the API call, which I can test, why does there need to be validation with Wyze and the camera?

I appreciate the assistance.

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Interesting. I played with the RTSP firmware but never tested this scenario.

Just one question: did you remove these devices from the Wyze app before you stopped using the app?

Edit – You might want to post this in the Wishlist section, to allow cameras with RTSP firmware, to function independently from the Wyze servers.


I did not, should I have removed them after?

Do you have a link to that other thread?