RTSP turns off sensors


We have couple wyze cameras and I upgraded RTSP firmware.
When I turn on RTSP than after some time motion sensors and contact sensors becomes offline but if I turn off RSTP than everything is fine.
I am not even using RTSP stream its just on otherwise I would think may be rtsp live stream is drawing power but just turning feature on makes sensors offline

This may be my issue as well with my sensors. I started using TinyCam Pro recently and now my sensors are going offline.

Where is the RSTP setting?

RTSP isn’t a default feature, it must be loaded on to the camera with a SD card.

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I understand that TinyCam Pro uses RTSP for Wyze Cams without loading anything on the camera. I have several of my cameras being monitored with it.

I responded because I saw a similar issue where my bridge kept going offline and it seemed that TCP might have been the issue. I have since moved the bridge to another camera and it has been working now for a few hours. Time will tell.

I’m not sure what’s going on then!

Today, the sensors seem to be working. I had moved the bridge to another camera but still observed sensors offline. Yesterday they started working again.

Maybe it was the server issue?

No no, that’s not right. My understanding is that while TinyCam CAN use RTSP mode, it ALSO has the ability to use normal Wyze protocol / API using your Wyze credentials, which is the default for many. (No RTSP firmware required.)

Good to know! is TinyCam the only app that has access to the Wyze API?

I don’t know. People have remarked how weird it is that only TinyCam seems to be able to do this. I don’t know how they do it. Maybe simulate a standard Wyze client.

How? Do they login as you (the user) and stream the camera?

Also why Tiny cam has access to wyze api but not wyze users? If wyze can give us api access we dont need custom RTSP firmware. Everyone will be happy.

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Yes that’s exactly what it does. You give the app a copy of your Wyze credentials, supposedly stored ONLY on your local device and not on their server.

Funny thing!! On wyze app it shows my sensors are offline and there is no log such as what time door was opened and closed. But guess what I am using Home assistant with wyze api from github and I am able to see sensor actions on home assistant. By the way I am using custom RTSP firmware. Maybe something is wrong in wyze app?

The Wyze app is communicating with Wyze’s servers. A camera with RTSP firmware does not communicate with Wyze’s servers. Same with Home Assistant running on a raspberry Pi.

No bridges are plugged in to wyze cameras and sensors are also paired. Wyze api is pulling information from wyze server and can see sensor actions but not wyze app.

I think the HA Wyze api is getting its data directly from the bridge. Wyze servers are not being used.

You both are being a bit too brief to understand. There are multiple RTSP firmware setups and some of them (the ones from Wyze) do maintain a connection to Wyze servers. The bridge can be plugged into a camera or a Home Assistant server.

Upon reflection I think Mark is saying that the HA “Wyze API” is never accessing Wyze servers via their API at all, despite the name. So Gill is truly off the Wyze grid.