Wyze Cam RTSP Stream Keeps Disconnecting TinyCam

Hey everyone,

I’m pretty new to this and believe I may be messing something up.

I just set up an android box to a spare tv and have it running 24/7 to view the cameras on the TV.
I have not yet purchased the full version of Tiny Cam (not even really sure the extra perks it provides, and I’m content with the free app as long as it streams properly on my TV, and as long as Wyze Cam continues to record everything to the SD card anyways) but every few seconds the stream will cut off, and the cameras will disappear. I was wondering if anyone had the same issue and knew how to fix it?
I have 2 cameras set up currently.
Thanks for your help!

Hi @Mockie Welcome to the Wyze Forums!

I myself have tried TinyCam, I had similar issues with the software also, I ended up purchasing the Full version ( the relevant extra perks to me were recording and HD playback and NO ADS lol) the free app does not seem to be as stable as the pro. It could have been a coincidence with me, but I seen this post and thought I would share my experience with it. I’m looking to see if there is a bit rate or bandwidth limitation with the free one, if I find out more I will keep you posted.

Hi @TheNerdCorner , thank you!
I purchased the full version last night to see if it would work, but unfortunately I’m still having the same issue. I will check back into my settings and see if there’s something that’s wrong.

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