24/7 Viewing of Wyze Cam on Two Android TV's with Two TinyCam Pro's

So it turns out my solution to this issue:

Was to turn off my 2nd TinyCam Pro running on my 2nd android tv box. As soon as I turn on TinyCam Pro on my 2nd box, my Front door Camera goes offline and online and offline and online. Even though I have had 2 TinyCam Pro’s running at the same time for almost 6 months. But I guess last wyze updated killed it. (sad face)

Is there no way to have two devices showing live-stream of my wyze cam’s at the same time (all 4 camera’s)?

Only way around this is to sideload regular wyze app on my 2nd android tv box, it works, but I can only view 1 out of my 4 cameras. But I want to see all 4 streams on my 2nd box.

I’d put this as the “solution” on your original post!

Can you use a web browser on the 2nd Android box to view tinycam server running from the first box?

I have noticed that running tinycam does have a negative effect on WYZE app / camera connectivity.

i’ll reply back with my test results after I have tried it.