Viewing live feed of wyze cam

Hi all. I have 10 cameras that I would like to view at once. Does anyone have any ideas on how to do this , if not the whole 10 maybe like 7 of them. I have tiny cam pro , but that does not seem to work to well. I even brought the viewing of cameras down to 4 or 5 in tiny can pro and still does not work right. I am looking to view live feed of all my cameras instead of going in and out of each individual one. Thank you all. Stay safe and healthy

Create a camera Group and add all the cams to that Group

I have tried that and not all the cameras show the live feed with out going out.

What does “going out” mean … they stop showing live video?

Yes , sorry. they stop showing live video , it freezes sometimes than catches up after maybe a minute or so , or they just go out and don’t show anything. It is with in the wyze app and when I use tiny cam pro.

There could be one or more reasons for losing connectivity: low Wifi signal, network bandwidth and / or latency, interference.

For one of the cameras that went (goes) offline in Group mode…
a) what is the Wifi strength for it?
b) When you view its Live View, does it have issues connecting or maintaining a connection?

It is happening to the entire group in the wyze app. They connect, have issue maintaining the connection. When I look at the time, the seconds are not moving , in one group i have 5 , the other group i have 5 cameras. The signal strength is showing all 3 bars. When i use tiny cam pro, i have an issue connecting and once it connects i have an issue maintaining the connection. My cameras are showing a great signal.

I have the exact same issue!
I have four cameras outside (grouped) and four inside (grouped) my 2,000 sq ft brick home (open concept). I have a 400 Mbps down/ 35Mbps up connection. I have a brand new Netgear Orbi RBK50-100NAS with one satellite.

I can practically Never get four to work at once. Even when I press to view just one, it’s 50-50. Just as reported, alll the cameras show three bars and when it used to be percentage, always 70 or above.

Everything has the latest firmware. I would sure like to find a solution. I’m concerned about the Mesh network of the Orbi, but the vast majority of the comments I’ve seen elsewhere seem to indicate mesh works fine. Very puzzled. :thinking:

Thanks to anyone for answers!!!

I feel fortunate as we don’t see the issue. I was gonna mention the Wifi antenna in the Wyze is tiny, and maybe the cameras are struggling for a signal, but y’all are reporting all bars.

All our local Wyze cams are in one group. We also have three cams at my wife’s mother’s home, about 60 miles away. in a second group. No issues viewing both groups.

If it were me, I’d investigate the quality and integrity of the Wifi network. I know, that’s in contrast to what your Wyze cams are reporting, signal quality wise.

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Ok I will look into the wifi quality , thank you for trying to help me! Very much appreciated!