Issues with tiny cam pro

Hi everyone, I have four Wyze cam V3‘s connected to my tiny cam Pro software run by an Amazon fire stick. When that I try to view all of the cameras at once often two or three of them go blank and it does not give me Livestreams for them or the Livestreams cut in and out. Does anyone know any way to help this? Thanks!

You could lower the viewing resolution. How well does a device running the Wyze app from the same location do when viewing the same cameras simultaneously? Can you determine the signal strengths?

My V2 cameras keep cutting out too (both Wyze app and TinyCam) but not to the point of major frustration.

If I just watch one stream it’s fine but once I get 4 going I have the issues. I’ll try using it in 360p and see how it is.

Okay. Also the newer the Fire stick (e.g., the 4K model) the better. Not for resolution but for processing power.

Did it work?

Well, my dad uses it at his work on his TV so he only watches one stream at a time, and it seems to be perfect for that. With my testing at home I would use the 4K or other newer more powerful fire stick to watch more than one stream at a time.