My new V3 pro cams will only stream 360p to Echo Show or FireTV, anyone else?

I swapped out some v3 cams for several v3 Pro today, and the v3 Pro will only stream to Echo Show and FireTV at 360p, very low resolution and lots of aliasing.

They do however stream beautifully to the app (iPad) at full 2k. WiFi signal is 3 bars.

None of my other cams have this problem, and I have nearly every cam that Wyze makes and multiple of each type, All of them work flawlessly with and stream in HD to Echo Show devices and to FireTV, but these v3 Pro are stuck in the lowest resolution.

I have opened a support ticket but I am trying to gather crowd-sourced experience and info.

These are my first v3 Pro so I cannot say if this is a new problem, perhaps related to the recent AWS issues, or what. I am hoping anyone who has the same issue can chime in, or anyone who can confirm today that they do not have the issue - would also be very helpful.

Again this problem only applies to V3 Pro, running the latest firmware ( ) and only when streaming to Echo Show (8, 10, or 15") or FireTV (in my case the 4K Max).

Thank you!

is this on tinycam app?
my bcp streamed only 720p when it worked before outage

This is correct for the V3 pro lol. The V3 pro only supports 360, SD which is 480p, and 2k,

The Amazon devices you have there won’t stream at 2k so the next lowest supported resolution is used. On the V3 Pro, that is waaaay down there lol.

I don’t know if Wyze can/will add in 1080p support to the V3 Pro. That would be the only useful thing your support ticket could do as there’s no actual problem happening. It is working correctly.

However, another thing could be being able to manually adjust the resolution of Alexa plugin streaming resolution. I have no idea if that’s possible as I’ve not ever seen any way to do so and so don’t think it is possible.

It would be interesting if you got something useful from support for this. I don’t see how that will happen but maybe there’s something I don’t know here.

But my Floodlight Pro Cams (three of them) which are 2.5K QHD - all stream in very HD on all the Amazon devices, even an old Gen 1 Echo Show 8, so I am not sure why the V3 Pro would be any different?

Also, the Echo Show 15 (which I also have) supports 2k (Full HD) and the FireTV 4K Max supports… 4k.

So it seems this is a problem between Wyze and Amazon, some problem in the stream, protocol, codec, up or down format conversion, or who knows what.

But simply stated - if the Floodlight Cam Pro which is 2.5K can stream to all my Echo Show and FireTV devices, even the older ones, in crystal clear definition, it seems the V3 Pro should be able to do the same thing.