V3 Pro Streaming issues

So far the v3 pro seems like it has decent features and specs however the camera doesn’t stream 2k to the iOS app well at all. Mostly locks up and freezes the image. Lowering to 360p seems to help but the image gets a horrible screen door effect at the lower resolution. I don’t know if a 1080p option is possible but that might be a good idea to add for remote streaming if it is. Patiently awaiting more updates for now but I would say until then probably won’t swap out any of my other normal v3 cams for the pro.

You should submit a log and post it in the V3Pro channel. Or here as well.

What app version are you using? asking because I am using both iOS and Android and have not experienced that at all.

I am also running the beta releases of the app in both, so that may be the difference.


If you use android, try toggling the “Hardware Decoder” option in the apps settings. This has fixed a similar issue for many, and is known as a bug by Wyze.

Where is the v3 pro channel I can’t seem to find it. Just set up my second cam and it’s the same. 2k streaming is very spotty if it works at all.

You can post here. Please ensure you add logs for Wyze to use in finding the issue.