Continuous Viewing On Android?

I was wondering if anyone can tell me if there’s any limit to how long you can have the video feed open and on. I need the camera and sound feed to stay on my android phone for as long as I need it (1 hour, 5 hours, whatever). I know that if the cam is cast to a device (such as chromecast or home hub) it’s limited to 10 minutes, does watching on android have any similar limitations?

Welcome perplexinginkslinger. :+1: I don’t believe Wyze has any limitations built into their app. I’m usually running 8-12 simultaneous Wyze cam feeds over 2-3 displays running the Wyze Android app 24/7. Viewing stability is more limited by your WiFi connection and viewing device(s)’ ability to process video streams.


Thank you Seapup!

How are you running 8-12 simultaneously over multiple displays? This was another question I had, actually! I know tinycam can monitor multiple Wyze cams at once, but is there any other way natively?

I’ll probably end up using an old laptop with an android emulator installed on it to monitor this particular camera I need running for hours at a time (it’s indoors), but I’d also like to set it up to be able to potentially monitor the rest of my outdoor (Wyze cam v3) cameras, as well, so any advice on that would also be appreciated :slight_smile:

thank you!

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The Wyze app has a camera grouping feature just like tinyCam. You can show at most 6 cameras on one screen.

You can have several devices running the Wyze app simultaneously and show all your cams. The only limitation is your WiFi bandwidth. You can even show cams located in different places.

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oh okay thanks! Maybe my app isn’t updated, I’ll look into that more.

To create a group of cams: Wyze app Home > “+” in the upper left corner > Add Device Group > Camera Group > enter a group name > select cams for your group > “Done” in upper right corner

Your Group will appear as an icon on your Wyze app Home page. To rename the group, change cams in the group or reorder the display of cams within the group: Wyze app Home > tap on the group icon you created > Settings (gear icon in upper right). To reorder the cam display, tap to the right of Cameras in Group. You can delete or add more cams. You can reorder by dragging a cam entry with the double-bars on the right. When done making changes, tap “Save”.

If you turn your phone or tablet sideways (landscape view with Android auto-rotate enabled) you’ll see up to 4 cams displayed simultaneously. You can run multiple phones or tablets using WiFi to display a group of 4 cams each with all viewing devices under the same account. Thus if you have enough viewing devices, you can view a LOT of cams. I’m displaying 17 right now. :joy:

If you added more than 4 cams to one group, swipe to the right-to-left to view the next (up to 4) cams.

Again, depending on your WiFi and phone/tab specs, you’ll eventually run out of WiFi bandwidth or phone/tab resources to display additional cams.


You, sir/madam, are amazing, thank you so much! I didn’t know this feature existed in wyze! I just checked it out.

I think I have 5 or 6 cameras and dont anticipate needing more than that so this will work perfectly.

Thanks for taking the time to explain it!


No problem… glad to help. :+1: