All cameras live on the same screen

Is there an app or program I can use to see all cameras live at the same time, same screen? ios, android or pc

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If you have Cam Plus, you could try the Beta version of the Wyze Web View: Live stream - Wyze

If not, you could try products like Tiny Cam or Tiny Cam Pro.

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Hi @cappyt26 - Depending on how many cams you are trying to view simultaneously, you could also try out grouping the cameras together.
In a camera group you can view Livestream for upto 4 cameras simultaneously.


Three V3 cams ,viewed with newest version of Chrome 103.0.5060.53. The not supported cams are the battery powered WCO. No issues connecting the V3 cams.


The simplest answer is to use the Wyze app itself, as noted.

However, for viewing more than 4 at the same time your best bet is the TinyCam app for Android (only). Be sure it’s from TinyCamMonitor and not one of the pretenders.

Ok I’ve looked & must be missing it. How do I set up this group thing ya’ll speak of?

Open the WYZE app to the home page, tap the + sign upper left, add device group.


Got it thanks