How to view over 4 Cam feeds at once?

I’ve created a camera group with 12 Wyze cams and I’d like to view all 12 of them at once. Or at least, more than only 4 feeds at once, which seems like that’s the most the Wyze app allows. I’m on an iPad. How can I do this? Adjust a setting somewhere?

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You can’t view more than 4 cameras at a time in a group in the wyze app

You may be able to do with on the web view website, but I’m not sure bc I don’t use it.

You can also view multiple cameras all at the same time using tiny cam pro , it’s an android app. I have a fire stick that I downloaded tiny cam pro on (you have to pay a one time fee to download the app) and I’m able to view 9 wyze cameras all at the same time


Yes, you can view more than 4 cameras using the web view (requires CamPlus on each camera):

[Mod Edit]: Updated Web View link to point to new service.