View more than one cam?

Is it possible to view more than one camera at a time on a ipad? i have v2 camera

thank you in advance


Click the plus sign at upper left on home screen and then click add a device group. Select camera group on next page.


Yes, once you create a group of cams you can watch up to 4 at a time. You can view 2 or 3 at a time in portrait mode, and up to 4 in landscape mode. If you have more in the group you just swipe up or down or left or right to view more cams.


Sorry how do I create a group…sorry parkinsons…slow thinker sometimes thanks for help and patience

The post above mine explains that.

@gretz If you need extra help here is the Support Article.


Thank you both for the help… impressive products and community =awesome


The downside of grouping them is that once you do so, you can no longer view the cams individually.

Not true. Tap on any camera [in the live group view] to view it individually


Thank you for that tip, I wasn’t aware. I amend my statement to “…once you do so, you have to view the group before you can view an individual camera”

As evidenced by this discussion, the grouping function in the Wyze app was a very welcome addition, but it’s handled weirdly. Far from obvious how to set it up or use it, even though it’s such a simple concept.