Limited Number of Cameras to View in One Session

I have four cameras installed, and plan to install another 1, possibly 2.

The problem is that I can only view two at a time from my phone (Android). I can view two of them, get out of the app for a little while, like five or ten minutes, then it’ll let me look at 2 cameras again before it times out on me. And it doesn’t matter which cameras I look at it. Just two at a time.

Any suggestions for changes that will allow me to look at all of them in one session?

Hi @stingray77080 welcome to the community!!!

Have you combined all the cameras into a group?


Yes, if you group them, then turn your phone to landscape, you should be able to see 4 at a time.

You are on Android though, and they (temporarily?) removed hardware acceleration for Androids. That will complicate things if you are on an older device. Some older Androids can’t see 4 devices at once without hardware acceleration.

That brings me to timeouts and having to wait 5 minutes – this shouldn’t be happening, again unless you are suffering the woes of no hardware acceleration on an older Android device.


Great point - if you do have an older Android (read as not brand new), here are some resources to get it working for you:

Here is where you can download version Android V2.4.82 - which still has hardware acceleration:

wishlist to restore hardware acceleration:

Thread disccusiong topic:


Plus, when you have more than four in a group, you can swipe to view the closest four together.

Awesomeness everyone! I have a newer Samsung, and grouping them worked perfectly and quickly! Thanks so much for your help. I love these little cameras that do their job in a big way, and for a very reasonable price. I’m so glad a coworker turned me on to them. Guess I need to start looking at your other products now!

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Here ya go