Restore hardware acceleration on android

subject as above. I need it back.

What? You actually want to be able to use the app? HELL YES!!!

This is one of those really rare situations where I am glad I have a work issued iPhone that has the Wyze app installed. In the current version, the Android app is essentially useless - particularly for playback of video from the uSD card.

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I will share this with the team. I know that we’re looking into solutions and we apologize for the difficulty.

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Performance is appalling, Maybe its time to rollback to a working version?

We apologize for that. Due to Google’s updated requirements, we can’t submit an update with the 32 bit library we were previously using (they require 64 now). Because of this, we have made an APK available for download for the most recent 2.4 version in our release notes:

We are working on this problem as a top priority and we are sorry for the negative impact it has had on some people’s ability to use their Wyze Cams.


I’ve got the lag issue and today my Wyze plugs arrived but I couldn’t set then up using 2.4.82, the lag free version of the app so I had to update.

Now that the plugs work, I had to revert to the old app to make my cams useable again and rely on alexa to turn on and off the wyze plugs.

I need another cam and would like to get another wyze but now I’m looking around at alternatives due to the lag issue. I’ve also stopped recommending wyze to people for now. I’ve been a big wyze fan til now and I’m pretty dissapointed that this problem has not yet been resolved.

That was a good idea
I installed the new app on a separate device, set up the plug , uninstalled the new app on that device , now I can control the plug in Alexa with my voice and set it up and use it in routines

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Add me to the list of people who now have unusable Wyze cams. Installed the new app so I could use my new Wyze plugs only to have unusable cameras - can’t view on the phone and no way to view via a browser. If I revert to the previous version of the app I have unusable plugs.

I’ve only been a Wyze customer since April and this is the second instance of software or firmware that’s been released that made my bought and paid for products unusable.

The development team needs to learn how to do regression testing to insure that fixing one thing doesn’t break something else. This is common practice in any IT organization I’ve ever been associated with.

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Overall the wyZe team has delivered an amazing product. For a reasonable cost we have a great product that gets better each release. Chalk this up to an oops. These guys move fast, let them make one mistake. Thanks guys! We await the hardware acceleration fix. Some times you people in the comments act like babies. Chill.

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I agree the Wyze products are an amazing value - but only when they are working. Right now I have to make a choice between having cameras that work or plugs that work - pick one.

While you may consider it an ‘oops’ it’s the second major ‘oops’ in the last 3 months - both attributable to the same lack of adequate testing of the basic product functions prior to releasing the update.

And if I’m acting like a baby because these ‘oops’ effectively make the products inoperable for their intended design purpose then I can only say - :sob:

To all responding to this thread, please keep your comments civil. Please review the Wyze Community Guidelines if you need a refresher on the forum etiquette. :slight_smile:


Unless someone edited stuff out it seems pretty civil.

We suffered with a mistake in time lapse for months. That is why I started this thread, so hopefully attention would be drawn to this mistake and it would be fixed.

I don’t think Wyze has the resources to test all the features on all platforms. And they keep having to jump to satisfy Googles demands. I just hope they fix it soon before they introduce any more bells and whistles.

I don’t think the problem has anything to do with the removal of hardware acceleration, I can not use the new version of the app, and have switched back to the previous version, it works great, and I have never used hardware acceleration, and yes I’ve double checked the setting, and it’s off.

I am curious , if the hardware decoder was not a problem then what are the problems you had with the new version?

@HDRock, here is the list of issues I had.

  1. Live playback was super slow, if I was able to connect.
  2. Connection issues with cameras.
  3. Could not use playback feature for long enough to get it to finally go to a time near where i wanted to watch, before getting disconnected.
  4. Could not watch events, they would show up, but would not play.

As soon as i went to the previous version of the app, all problems were gone, and I know I have never turned on Hardware Acceleration on the app.

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Thanks I appreciate it , so , it appears that some of these problems may not be directly related to the removal of the hardware decoder.
I never turned on hardware decoder either on my Samsung S9 running Android 9 and I am still running version 2.4.82 I never updated to the new version

Playback is so bad on my Motorola Moto G5 Plus and Moto G6 that when I need to review footage on the cameras I use BlueStacks on my PC.

@gemniii, the “baby” comment is the one that other people are responding to and likely what the moderator is referring to.

@Acalade, while you haven’t ever used hardware acceleration for the Wyze app, the description of what you’re experiencing makes me think that the improvements we’re working on to help the people who had been using it will potentially help you.

Everyone, we’re sorry about the poor experience you’re having with 2.5. We’re trying to make sure that the fix we put in place will actually address the problems that people are having and that’s why we haven’t rushed into a fix. It’s our top priority and we’re getting closer to having a version ready to test. We apologize for the delay.


I just wanted to point out that the problem wasn’t just removing hardware acceleration.



The hardware acceleration helped with those problems that people experienced especially with older or less powerful devices. We do see that even people that were not previously experiencing these problems (and addressing it with hardware decoding) are running into these problems now. Thank you for taking the time to add this additional context to the conversation, Acalade.

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