Wyze app stinks

I bought 5 cams about two weeks ago. At first they worked great. Then came the firmware update. Since then I cannot get the app to open long enough to view anything. It keeps crashing. The only way I can use the cameras is to put them on alert for people movement and sounds.
So they are off all day when I’m around my house. I cant even keep the app open most of the tkme long snough to tKe the alert or change the settings to off. I contacted customer support and Richard from Wyze said it my android phone that it was to old. It’s a Note 3. So I called my phone company and the tech guy there said that it still updates and it is not my phone it is the app. Now I’m mad . Richard said they are working on fixing the problem but don’t know how long it would take? Really? How about if I ordered cameras and told them I don’t know how long it will take to pay you? I’m sure that would go over well. This is frustrating not being able to use the cameras . So wanted to love these. I want to go back to the old app. Any suggestions before I send for a return label? Thank you

Did you update the firmware or the app? There’s a difference.

If you want to go back to the old app, see this:

If you are using Android the app is currently the issue, you can roll back to a previous version as @qlang243 pointed out, but here is an official download to the APK from WYZE, just click on the blue hyper-linked version



Yes I did and since then every time I try to access cameras it stay on less than a minute and then closes and goes black.

Or freezes. I will try to revert the so back I thank you so much. Keep your fingers crossed this works.

I redownloadedownloaded the 2.4.82 version it is working fine now. The v2m5.30 was the one I was having trouble with. That is the newest yes?


Yes 2.5.30 is the latest and it has issues, 2.4.82 is the newest version without the issues. So just stay on that one and hopefully they will have things resolved sooner than later


Thank you so much

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