App Stopping

Just got my cameras going and I like what I see. However, 5 times in the past 6 or so hours I get the error “Unfortunately Wyze has Stopped” Open app again option is displayed. I click on the Open app option and I am back in business. Am I to assume that the app has flaws? Or is there something I have missed?


You assume correctly. Get used to it - something is always broken, either the App, device firmware or the back end computers.

2 crashes in the past hour and I was extremely disappointed in the night vision. Does anyone from Wyze monitor the forum and give answers? I am going to continue using the system for a short while and if things don’t improve I will have to decide what to do. My brother has Ring and does NOT have any of these problems. Very sad…of course he paid a bunch more for his system…

Have you restarted your device/when was the last time you restarted your device? What version of the app are you on? What I had if Android device are you using? Another thing to try is to uninstall the app, restart device and reinstall the app.

I can assure you they won’t - the problems may change but they won’t go away. Wyze products take A LOT of hand-holding and baby sitting. If you don’t believe me just read through the forums and see what others have been dealing with for years now. The only consistent response from Wyze is “We are working on making sure these things don’t happen going forward.” - but yet ‘these things’ keep happening. QA is not high on the list of priorities at Wyze.

I made the switch to ReoLink and for just a few dollars more I get:

  • higher resolution,
  • more precise motion detection zone definition,
  • multiple detection zones,
  • Pan and Tilt,
  • infinitely better night quality,
  • App stability,
  • F/W stability,
  • much better overall functionality,
  • mobile and PC based apps that allow viewing and control of camera function and configuration,
  • and, best of all, IT JUST WORKS. :+1: (IMO because S/W and F/W is properly tested before release)
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