MY app start crashing

I have a samsung S9. My wyze app worked fine for long time. the new updated app keeps crashing. Not only I cannot view my cameras for few seconds but I cannot set up my new outdoor. I do not wish to delete and reload the app as I have cameras in various location in my stores. Any help?

Try clearing out your cache and data on your phone and restart it.
You’ll have to login to your Wyze app/account again.

Thank you very much for the suggestion. I did clear the data and the cache and restarted the phone. Unfortunately it still keeps crashing. It started happening couple of weeks ago and now it is much more frequently. Anything else I should try?

The Wyze app, on my LG phone, occasionally reboots while I’m watching it But, it reboots fast enough that I have ignored this problem. I wonder how many users like me have just ignored it because it’s one of the app’s lesser problems.

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This crashing problem became a big issue as I was trying today to install and upgrade the new outdoor camera. It crashes in the middle of the upgrade or syncing step so I have to restart again and again.
Otherwise I was living with the crashing problem too but I never had this problem a month ago and I have been using the app for over 2 years now on this phone. I feel the last upgrade of the app with the CAM Plus label has something to do with it. I really do not know what to do next.
Thanks for sharing.

The app causes my phone to lock up. For hours. And overheats then freezes. I have to do a factory reset every time I Install the app. It’s been that way for 2 weeks now. I cannot have it on my phone anymore. So I can’t view the cameras. Which makes me nervous because of Wyze also watching the cameras.

What do you mean by ‘WYZE also watching’ them?

I mean(and yes I’ve already spoken with them about this yet they don’t care) they upload videos and images from your live feed and leave a copy behind every once in Awhile by accident. Caused by the security breach that went on for 3 weeks.