Problems with Updates

Is anyone else having issues with their Wyze Cams after the firmware updates? Every time I update there seem to be so many problems they render my cameras almost useless. They won’t stream properly, they keep authenticating/trying to connect, the picture quality is poor, and they skip time. If anyone has found a solution (other than discontinuing to update your cameras) please let me know. My cameras were working fine until I updated the firmware and now they are practically useless. The Wyze cam support hasn’t helped and has been a waste of time. It’s definitely not my wifi, my other devices are working just fine.

I’m having problems with 2 out of 3 pan cams they will record event then 5 minutes record another and this continues on and no. But there is nothing on the recordings that should have triggered the recording.

Mine are the Wyze Cam V2, but I’m frustrated you buy something and you expect it to work. I have 4 of these and they aren’t working after the last update.

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Have you tried power cycling or flashing the firmware?


My v2 didn’t take the last update and kept disconnecting and rebooting. Had to download the FW, copy to a uSD card and boot into the new image. Its working fine now.

@Brlepage has the links above. Sorry you had problems so early.
Don’t give up hope. Keep on it, we’ll work with you. :+1:


Welcome to the Wyze User Beta Testing Club. It’s become standard operating procedure for Wyze products to fail in some manner after either a firmware or software update.

The Wyze development team has no concept of how to do regression testing before releasing updates to the user community. Just search through the forums and you’ll see this type of thing happens repetitively going back at least 2 years now. Your best course of action is to find a different product.

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Had a lot of issues since the last app and firmware updates. Mostly streaming issues, wouldn’t connect, would connect but would freeze a few seconds after, then I would get a network unstable message.

Wound up deleting the cameras, manually flashing the firmware and re-adding. That seems to have settled things down. Shouldn’t have to be this way, was happy it was only a few cameras but still a pain. I’m getting the occasional “failed to upload event” still but at least I can connect to them reliably. Seems like their firmware upgrade process is not clean and this time was the worst, at least in my case.

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I have tried both. For some reason when I try to flash the firmware it puts me back at the ready to connect prompt.

Same here. I am getting so tired of this. I would appreciate if Wyze would fully vet these updates before releasing.


Are you holding down the button until you see the light?

It seems to me Wyze has several iterations of the hardware platform between Cam V1 & V2 and beyond. The manufacturer may be using updated components with out Wyze knowledge causing unanticipated results when flashed with the firmware update. Updates are failing on groups of units, in the same way, certainly not just a one-off. Wyze could relate the MAC address to a manufacturer date (run number) and the type of failure to a given update to test this hypothesis.

Yes, it stays yellow though and never turns blue

I just started having a new problem.

When I open the app I see a green button that says “+ New Device” as if I don’t have anything added to my account. I have to refresh that first screen (pull down) at least once before my devices are listed.

What’s going on over there?

That would make sense if the issue were confined to only firmware updates - but that’s not the case. There have been repetitive failures with software updates as well. I still believe the base problem is a lack of proper testing protocols.


Agree, it s like when you run down a steep hill and can’t stop, afraid your’ll fall flat on your face. :fearful:

Shouldn’t be an issue. The Wyze development team has already fallen on their faces, skinned their knees and bruised their elbows. :unamused:

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Did you try a factory reset?

Hi @Brlepage Here is a summary:
@Dcoxey52 - Unknow, sounds like cam is reseting after update.
@OrbitHenry Had success with Manual update. Now has new problem w/app.
@Sienna - Reset → Yes, it stays yellow though and never turns blue.

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I have been reading along, thanks for the summary!:smiley: If a factory reset doesn’t help I don’t know what will.