1 Camera doesn't work after update. The other 2 NOT updated do

Hey all

On Wednesday we updated one of three of our cameras. The camera didn’t work after that however the other two still did so we didn’t update them. We got home from work and went through all of the recommended trouble shooting topics we could find. Router password has been has been quadruple checked as well as the WPA2 settings. Including - "Forget your WiFi network (for IOS devices use the small i sign next to the network name, for Android devices long press on the network name), restart the device that the application is on, and reconnect to your WiFi network. Power cycle the camera can also help reset the connection . " So we figured it was broken and bought a new one. We got that one today and that one doesn’t work.

So, the two that have NOT been updated still connect to my router however the updated one AND the new one does not.

Anyone else have this issue?

I have the issue with my two cameras. Wish I could get the old firmware back. Both cameras are all screwed up after rebooting, rebooting, and rebooting!

Welcome to the Wyze community! You can manually flash older FW on your cam. See the support articles below.

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Did you have SD cards in them by chance? Just wondering because mine did that too where it wouldn’t reconnect to the WiFi until I removed the SD card.

No, we’ve never had any SD cards in any of our cameras.

I have one in NJ and one in Florida. I had the card in both cameras, but I removed the one in NJ. It still is not working like it did before the update. The update changed the view of the camera and will not let me set and leave the camera in a position. It automatically returns the camera to a default position. I need to get to Florida to remove the card and see how that effects the operation of the camera.