Wyze Cam V2s all gone offline after new firmware update!

Hi, all my Wyzecams (V2) have gone offline after the new firmware update. Cannot even add new device; none of the Wyze devices can connect to the Wifi (Wifi is working well for all other phones, laptops etc.) with Add Device option. It goes up to QR scanning stage, then getting ‘connection has timed out’ message.

Have been trying this for the last 4 hours, to no avail. Wyze support team not able to help either.

How can I reconnect the cameras to the network?

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@drsaibalghosh Welcome to the forums! Sorry to hear. If you jump over to this thread, you can join the discussion on this FW update issue.

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Hello, may I know what is the LED status after the firmware upgrade?

Rather disappointed in this issue. All of my cameras have stopped working after firmware upgrade. Only problem for me is I am using these to monitor my 82 year old mother who is over 1000 km away from me so not as easy as just saying do factory reset. Appalling if firmware upgrade is the issue that has caused this.
Do they not beta test upgrades etc first ?
As per other members of community no support available and I live in Australia - appalling!!!

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Hi, I finally managed to manually flash all cameras to the previous firmware using SD card. Then it worked again. But now the contact sensors won’t connect to the bridge😕.

I retried after updating the camera with the bridge to the latest firmware (others running the previous one); still cannot connect sensor to bridge.

The problem continues… At least the cameras are working now.

Yes, I am in Australia too… Just ring the support helpline, none available now. I have to try 5am to 5 pm PT.

Have to say that Im glad but I’m not the only one in Australia.

I had a few spare so Ive replaced the one camera here with an original one and it works fine but haven’t upgraded the software so definitely seems like a firmware issue. the problem is that the devices are not connecting to. the network so not sure how they are going to fix this. Ive tried doing a hard reset on the faulty one but not responding.

Going to be an interesting helpline at 5am

Same issue here. Not all but 1 won’t connect. Keeps rebooting and blinking blue lights like it’s trying to. Connect but just reboots again. Also setting it up Again.Doesn’t help and I don’t see a way to Factory reset these.

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Good morning,

I live in Sydney Australia and my camera are all on.that time zone


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. . another thread to list of updates @WyzeJasonJ

The Wyze Cam 4.X.6.191 firmware has a time zone bug.

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