Problems with Updates

No I’ll try this, as nothing else has worked for me. I’ll keep you updated!

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Add to the list of issues, now I have no events… “Nothing to see here” instead of video clips.

Edit: Seems to be happening intermittently.

I’m experiencing the same thing. My last event listed is 3:20AM this past Sunday (9/13) but have many, many video clips on the SD card showing motion. No changes were made to firmware, software or camera options. Against my better judgement I upgraded the phone app to the current version a couple days ago but that had no effect. Obviously something happened (untested programs changes?) on the back-end servers.

Big round of applause for Wyze consistent performance. (End Sarcasm)

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I factory reset 2 of my 4 cameras. Forgive my ignorance on the subject, but what does this do? Would the firmware or software version change? The two I reset are showing the same firmware as the other two cameras. The streaming seems to have improved somewhat, but the picture is still looking grainy compared to how it looked a couple of weeks ago.

That’s my thinking too. At least in my case failing to get a list of devices and failing to get a list of events points to something wrong on their end retrieving data.