My 3 outdoor cameras are displaying on one camera feed

Ok, so around 4-5 days ago I noticed my outdoor cams were not completing the connection on my phone app. I would still get alerts but the video was corrupt. I went through all the trouble shooting steps including deleting and reinstalling the cameras and the office base station. Nothing works and now I have sometimes two, sometimes all three of my outdoor cameras displaying on one camera display. It switches back and forth. The other cameras will display loading video data 3/3, or often error 13 or error 0. I called in a ticket on Monday, spoke to a tech who was unable to help me with this. I’ve got 3 cameras and base station less than a year old not doing the job. Any help???


Power cycle the cameras/hub and sign out of app then back in and see what that does

I had a glitch recently that wouldn’t allow the Outdoor Cameras to go past 3/3, and one was even showing another one’s feed. Very odd. Someone mentioned a grouping bug, so I ungrouped them and they are working great now. :slight_smile:

Hopefully they will fix that in the next app or firmware update.


Hi, I had the same problem. And I ungrouped them as you have and now I can see the live video. What a mess. Thanks.

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I am having the same issue. I have 1 hub at the front of my house with 2 cameras on it and a second hub for my backyard with 4 cameras. Both groupings would only allow one of the cameras in the group to show a live feed. As soon as I ungrouped them, I was able to view the cameras individually.

Thanks @Newshound that did the trick!


I had the same issue. Once I ungeouped the cameras, I was finally able to actually view the live feed. One of my biggest complaints about the Wyze cams is that updates are released all the time, but they have not gone through a thorough QA process. The changes that are made sometimes break what is currently working. I am pretty sure the cameras/app is down more than it is actually working. Just hope the Wyze team will start doing more thorough testing before pushing a release.

This is a known issue and is currently in development. The solution for now is to remove the outdoor cams from a group. Sorry for the issues, just keep your cams and app updated!

You also may wanna clear you app cache after removing them from the group with Account > App Settings > Clear