Camera showing disconnect

I have recently added a couple outdoorcams to an existing base station. Its showing not connected, wont load or anything. Ive followed all the steps wyze has provided on support. Ive made sure my network is in the proper encryption. Reconnected camera to the base station. Ran the app the recommend to find the issue. Nothing has worked. Im out of ideas. Anyone have any suggestions. Also one other note the camera is located 2 ft away from the base station on the outside wall. So i dont believe a connectivity issue would be the problem.

How many outdoor cans does this make connecting to this base station? If I’m reading it correctly it sounds like you added more to the base station you have,. Are all of the active cameras showing outdoor cameras or are some of them plug in cameras such as the V2 or V3?

I have four cameras connected. That s the limit of the base station based on previous reading. All the cameras are the outdoor cams except for the dog camera which is just a wyze v3 black edition connected through wifi.

You’re saying nothing is loading, I’m guessing you’re talking about the one camera it is showing trouble there. I would try re-adding that camera again after you know the other cameras are working.

Don’t delete the camera that shows off line or you will be screwed.