Outdoor cams no longer connect

Three of my outdoor cams no longer connect for live videos. They occasionally, but not always, take videos when there’s movement. I’ve rebooted my router, the cam hubs (I have two), force closed the app and power cycled the cameras numerous times.

This behavior started around a week ago. Since I use the cameras for home security, they’re virtually useless now.

Anyone else?

Same here but this problem started weeks ago for me. I have tried all reboots etc. but still will not connect for live feed viewing.

Are these cams by chance in a group? There’s currently an IOS bug that breaks them when they are in a group. Please remove them from the group and go to the account tab > App Settings > Clear Cache.

Does this happen to all your cams, is your base station light solid blue, is your internet connection stable?

If they aren’t in a group or this still doesn’t fix it, please take a log on one of the cams. Go to the camera settings > Wyze Support > Submit A Log. Then contact Wyze support and give them the 6 digit log number. Thanks!

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Thanks KyGuy2002.

That worked!

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hi all. i have two wyze base stations. one base station only has 1 camera and working fine. the other base station has two cameras and i am having issues. all of the base stations and cameras firmware are up to date.

the issue is that i sometimes i can get through the connecting and authentication process and manage to get few secs of live feed before losing connectivity. worst case is that i error code 0 and 1x got an error code 20011. best case, few times in the last few days, i was able to connect, authenticate, and receive live feeds. i do not have my cameras grouped. also, to make things more confusing is that the other camera on the other base station absoutely having no issues.

i have been getting the connectivity issuse right after the i updated the wyze app and after the wco v2 release. this is just for full disclosure and timing.

any sugggestions please?

How are both of your base stations connected to your network, via ethernet or wi-fi or a mixture of?

1 base station and camera out in the back of the store, base station connected via ethernet and the camera is drawing power via the usb cable from the base station so it will continuously charge. the base station that is having the inconsistencies is also connected via ethernet; 1 camera is also connected to the usb for power and the other is connected to an outlet. i am using these cameras indoors. thank you

Can you see how many bars (out of 3) the cam is getting? In the base station you will see the list of cameras and their signal strength.

just checked and both have three bars

Is it possible that the base station is loosing power or connection when it stops on you? Next time it freezes check if you can access the base station or if it’s offline

will most certainly check that. will be at the location tomorrow, and will give that a shot.

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from where i am now, the base station stays its connected

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Also when your there if you can unplug the camera from the base station and test, the WCOs draw a lot of power when charging, so it could be overloading and “browing-out” the base potentially. Just give that a shot if your able to.

will do that. good to know on the power draw. will revert

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All 4 of my WCO came with a 5 Volt 2 amp. power adapter and I just us them for charging. If you want to leave them powered up all the time maybe you can set up some temp. power for the other cam using the supplied power adapter instead of the base USB. Yes, I know, sometimes finding a close by power source is difficult some times.