Outdoor Cam Base Station Problem?

My Wyze system, consisting of 4 outdoor cameras, generally works fine in detecting and recording events.

However, I can no longer access live feeds from the cameras probably 90% of the time, and on the rare occasions they do connect, it takes a while. Even if the camera is closer to the base station, reliability doesn’t improve. I feel this has deteriorated over time. There has been no change to the location of the base station.

Is my base station dying? Are the new ones better than the one I purchased years ago?

I’m still using my base from October 2020. Is your base connected via ethernet or Wi-Fi. About once a year when cams have problems connecting I just turn off the power to the base, wait about a minute and turn it back on via a smart plug. You can just pull the plug out of your outlet if no smart plug. After the base gets done connecting and the LED on the base is solid blue two of my cameras will come back on line almost instantly, the other two may take up to 5 minutes or so but they do come back. If in a hurry I just take the cam down, turn off the switch on the back then turn it back on and the cam will be on line.

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My base is connected via ethernet. I did as you suggested and it does appear to be better now. Time will tell.

The base has some vents on the sides and on the bottom which I assume is to let the generated heat to escape. I have my base propped up a little to let air flow beneath the bottom of the base.

Your base station is not necessarily dying. Two things to look at:

  1. I would take the camera and put it on a charger to verify it is indeed charged
  2. Simply unplug the power from the Base Station and wait for about a minute. Then plug the power back in. I had to do this, not to long ago, and everything connected without issues. Note, I have had my Base station for years and have never had an issue like this, and have not since.