Base Station Keeps Going OffLine

I searched the Forum and Wyze support and didn’t see an answer. I hope this isn’t redundant. My Wyze outdoor cams work great but… Periodically I will go to the app and see all the cameras are off line. If I unplug the base station and replug it in everything works fine after the reset. This happens every two or three weeks. I have the latest firm ware and I don’t thing there are power glitches (when there are my oven light comes on and stays on for some weird reason). Does anyone have any thoughts other than to just keep resetting the base station? Thanks!

Is your base connected to the router via ethernet or are you using it via Wi-Fi ? Does the base get hot or just warm? I would try a different ethernet cable and plugged into a different router port. I’ve been using the same base since 4 Nov. 2020 and it used to go off line about once every 3-4 months. I changed the cable and propped the base up a little so air could flow under the air vents on the bottom, base hasn’t gone off line in about 10 months now.

It is connected by Ethernet cable to the router. I’ll try a new cable and elevating it for airflow.