Wyze Outdoor Cams Going Offline Problem

Good Evening. I have recently bought several Wyze Cam V3 and I also bought the Wyze Cam Outdoor along with 3 extra Cams so I had all 4 Outdoor Cams connected to the base unit. I had set one of the Wyze Cam V3 and all 4 of the Wyze Outdoor Cams up at a different property. I connected all up using my WIFI network. Earlier this afternoon I noticed that all the Wyze Outdoor Cams and the base were offline but the Wyze Cam V3 was working fine. I went to the property where they were set up and thought that maybe the base unit had lost its connection with my WIFI router so I connected the ethernet cable up. Initially the base unit wasn’t light up and it was connected to a power line that was working as the router was also connected to it and was working fine. I had to unplug the power line from the back of the base unit and plug it in again to get it to light up and start connecting to the internet through the ethernet cable. After the base unit seemed to be connected, none of the Cams were working and I had to resink everyone of them to get them to connect to the base unit. I thought that once I had verified the base unit was getting power and I had connected it to the router with a ethernet cable that I’d be back in business. Is it normal for the base unit to loose it’s WIFI connection with the router? I decided to just leave the ethernet cable connected to eliminate it loosing connection again. Also, is it normal to have to resync all the cams it this happens?