Wyze Outdoor Cam, Basestation offline

Today I moved my basestation to another room and powered off it for several mins.
But after that, basestation has never been connected to internet, the led is flashing in blue and APP side shows basestation offline. BTW, my basestation was connected to router via wifi.
What I have tried but nothing:
1 Re-power on basestation
2 Re boot router
3 Connect to router via ethernet cable
4 Tried to reset base station by holding the reset button, but nothing.

I am pretty sure my internet is good and All other devices including several wyze elocks are working well with same router, only basestation is offline.

Let me know if any suggestion.
Appreciate it.
I also submitted one ticket to Wyze support.

What are your firmware versions? Base, WOC. There has been some disruption in this area recently, causing offline and battery issues.

I personally had issues with Base firmware after a power outage. I am using its replacement, but that was taken offline because people complained of issues downloading it. My problems were the same as you: Couldn’t connect via WiFi or cable after losing power.

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Thanks, yes, I am using
I will try the latest fw as you said. can fix the issue I got.
Looks like there was one bug on previous fw( that after losing power, base station can not connect to router via wifi or ethernet cable.

I have the same issue. the LED is flashing in blue and APP side shows the base station offline. the base station is connected to router via ethernet. I can’t think about a reason why it behaves this way. it is like that since early July now almost two months. I have 5 outdoor cam v2 connected to two of the base stations. none of them work. the firmware version is