Wyze base station and outdoor cam went offline

I had three of my Wyze back door can connected via wifi and it worked fine for few days . Today I saw the base station flashing blue light . I tried trouble shooting including many power cycling, restarting my router and trying with router to base and all failed . Called Wyze and did same trouble shooting and they couldn’t help . By the way this happens once a while and usually works by unplug snd plug go bsck the base station cable but today it is stuck on offline and base station now flashing blue light all the time with nothing working

Sorry your having this issue! Are you able to plug the base into the router via ethernet and see if it works?

I have the same issue. there is no effective troubleshooting for the outdoor product, which is very frustrating. you may try different things, sometimes it works, most times it doesn’t. there is no explanation why it works or not. I guess it doesn’t hurt to try. Two other things I tried in addition to power cycling the base station: one is to push and hold the side button until the LED turns yellow/blue then release the button. the other is sticking a paper clip into the side pinhole and holding it until the LED turns solid yellow and restarting the base station. for me, it did not work. you may want to try it to see what happens.

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Wyze agents try to blame my wifi connection, when in fact my wifi on other devices have no issues and it is always the wyze base station and or cameras that is suddenly going offline.
I have to deal with this headache cos I can’t afford other expensive more reliable brands. I wasted 3 hour trying to fix this today including 30 mins with a wyze agent. ALL FAILED.

Anyway, i replaced the base station with an additional base station I have and after trying for another 1 with the new base station , my outdoor cams are now connected and seems to be working fine.
But I know it is only a matter of time in next few days where everything will go offline and I will have to spend an hour trying to resolve. WYZE should FIX all these connection issues I hope.

Also the fully charged outdoor cam batteries last only like 2 weeks NOT the 6 month. I only have person detection on and there are not many people to detect where my camera is pointed. I don’t mind the 2 weeks battery life and having to go out to unplug and replugs as long as they fix the constant connection failure issues.

Let us know how it goes. On the surface you may have a bad Base station that should be replaced.

Any malfunction (or bug) with the Base can cause the cameras to reconnect over and over, shortening their battery life markedly. Another camera in IR mode but with lights off is a great ‘incident capture’ device if it is pointed at the suspect cameras, and they suspect camera(s) are set to turn on their IR lights when activated at night. A log with those timings may do wonders to fix any issue, because it gives a specific time to zero in on. :slight_smile:

I do have one old V1 that may have bad batteries (last a few weeks), but my V2s and another V1 last for months ATM.

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I have another base station with 2 more cameras connected and that those camera battery also last about 2 weeks . I don’t mind the 2 weeks battery life as long is connection is stable .

I don’t know what is going on with the Version 2 WCO but I installed these four Version 1 WCO the first week of November 2020 and they all record numerous events on Cam Plus Lite. I do not have solar panels attached to any of them.