Wyze Base Station and Outdoor Cam V1 Problems - Can't reconnect Cams to reset Base Station

I purchased a Wyze Base Station Cam bundle (v1) and 3 additional Outdoor Cams (V1) in April 2021. Set them up, and although they had issues here and there, for the most part, everything was working fine.

Recently my base station suddenly disconnected. It would only flash the blue light. I tried soft resetting many, many times. Nothing helped.

I tried all standard troubleshooting steps, and eventually reached out to Wyze for help. I got an email with more troubleshooting steps. This included the following:

"If the Wyze Base Station LED light didn’t change to solid blue light, this means it is not connecting to your Internet. When Wyze Base Station is offline or not connected, all Wyze Cam Outdoor cameras will show offline as well.

To rectify this, you need to reset the Wyze Base Station and set it up like a new device. To reset it, delete it first from the Wyze app and you also need to delete all the cameras linked to the Wyze Base Station."

I followed the advice. I removed all devices from my Wyze App. I factory reset the base station and paired it with the Wyze App. It worked. I then went to add my cameras…

I can not get the cameras to connect. They do not flash the yellow light to begin gar syncing process. I went online and discovered the Cams themselves can not be factory reset. It appears they are now useless.

I reached out to Wyze again, and was basically told that yes indeed, they are now useless. I am also told there is nothing they can do because the Cams are out of warranty.

So I am now sitting with four working cameras that I can not use. Does anyone have any advice? Any tricks to get them to sync?

Thank you!

  • Brian

I don’t know why they would tell you to delete the base/cams when they are off-line. SInce you got the base to work did you trying turning the power switch on the cams off then back on when the base has a solid blue LED?

Thank you Antonius for the response. Yeah, I was naive in trusting the e-mail I received from Wyze support. I saw all of this afterwards in speaking with other agents. Looks like I’m just SOL here. What a terrible way to handle this.

The Cams just flash blue. I can’t get them to sync. I’ve tried power cycling to no avail.

I’m supposed to be contacted by a supervisor later today. We’ll see what happens there.

  • Brian

Good luck with your issues. I have said for over two years they should put a little warning in the boxes or on the app that tells you not to delete the base/cams if they show off-line. That fact is hard to find, you have to dig through all the information of the support pages which most folks don’t even know exist. :grimacing:

I appreciate it. We’ll see what happens.

Hard lesson to learn after the fact. I know I’m not the first and will surely not be the last. They absolutely should make much clearer that this is a device-ruining exercise. I have four perfectly good cameras that are now effectively trash.

If they won’t help, might just have to bite the bullet and buy with the Prime Day deals.

You are correct you are not the first to have this happen and will not be the last. There are numerous post about the same thing scattered around the forum for years.