Outdoor cam won't connect

I had to move my outdoor cam for a couple days to have work done on my house. I have tried to reset it up, even completely deleting and reinstalling the base station, fully charged the camera, but when i get to pressing the sync button the base station starts flashing but i never get a ready to connect? I have retried the above several times with the same results. Please help.

Is the base plugged into the router via ethernet? Is the light on the base solid blue? Do you know what firmware version you have on the base and camera? Did you connect the base back up to the same network it was on before?

You should be able to check the firmware versions in Device Info without even being connected to the device (they are kept on the server).

There is at least a recent Base firmware ( that caused my Base to go offline permanently when it lost power (both over Ethernet & WiFi). For me that was a flashing Blue light that wouldn’t go solid. That was fixed for me with an update to, but they have since taken that offline due to people having trouble upgrading to it.

So you may be between a rock and a hard place until the next version is released, and if this is your problem even then you may have to manually flash the Base to get it back online.

Thanks for the info.

Yes to all your questions. Thanks

If the base light is solid blue that is a good sign. Maybe you can add the August 9 2021 firmware on the cam again with the manual mode if you have an SD card. Xfinity dropped the entire network in the area I live a week or so ago. It took 2 tries to get the base back up which I did by turning the router off then back on. 2 of my 4 cams came back up instantly the other 2 came on-line about 45 min later. I did not have to press the Sync button on any of them. Anyway the directions for adding firmware to your base and cam may be found here, but you have to make sure you follow the directions, especially about taking the SD card out. Since your base is connected (Solid Blue Light) I would just try and do the camera and good luck.