Failed to pair the outdoor cam to the base station

just got the outdoor CAM and base station bundle today, however I can’t pair the cam to the base station, it always failed;
the base station light is solid blue for a little while and then flashing blue for a few seconds, and then solid blue again, and repeat;
After turn on the cam, the light is solid yellow (but app says it should be flashing yellow), then I press the sync button on the CAM, a voice said paring started, the cam light flashing yellow and blue; but there is no change on station light (still flashing blue then solid blue and repeat), after a few minutes, the voice announce that pairing failed;
There is post in this forum says this could be caused by using xx.xx.200.xx address, but I am using xx.xx.1.xx address;
Any idea to solve this?

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If the base is flashing blue, blue, flashing blue it is not staying connected to your network. Solid blue is connected. The 192.200 is the the IP that the base gives the cameras when connected. All 4 of mine have the 192.200 as they have had for the last 8 months. Is base connected via ethernet?

Yes, the base station is connected via ethernet, I didn’t even configure wifi …

Since your gear is new it may be a firmware issue. I had a slight issue with the last update on one camera but I resolved. The current firmware for the base is and the camera is 4.17,1,123. Your new cam may have an older version. IS the base up to date? If all else fails you can try to add the new firmware to the cam following this procedure, EXACTLY as it says:

I just solved the issue, I think it is because I have two WIFI AP in my home, one is my main wifi router, another is a power line adapter also has 2.4G wifi radio (act as wifi extender), both devices use same WIFI network name;
I turn off the power line adapter, then paring succeeds, the light on cam and state are now both solid blue, I can see the video via app fine

ps: before I found this cause, my station has already upgraded to the latest, but I didn’t upgrade CAM until pairing succeeded

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Hi! Sorry to necromance an old thread, but I’m having the same issue with the same product (Outdoor Cam + Base Station bundle). I don’t have a wifi extender, and the alternating flashing-then-solid blue light is happening even when the Base Station is plugged in via ethernet.

Device info here: (Ignore the Nord icon; I can’t get the base station to stay solid blue even with VPN paused.)

Thanks in advance for your help!

I am having the same problem. Did you ever get this resolved?

Which Problem? Your base is flashing blue but won’t turn solid blue? Are you using ethernet, plugged into the 2,4 GHZ network, This is my base connected via ethernet with Mac address and IP that I erased.

HELP! same issues above - my base station and outdoor camera will not pair. I do not have any WiFi extenders.

  1. Base station connected via Ethernet - both flashing blue and solid blue intermittently.
  2. Outdoor cam flashed yellow and blue lights while pairing then fails after a minute or so.
  3. Cams are charged, I have unplugged and plugged base, removed micro SD card and tapped the WPS on my Cox internet box to no avail.

I have been able to successfully connect two Wyze plugs via WiFi but not the outdoor cams. I hope you can help!

Have you tried a different ethernet cable? Are you sure your phone/device that you are using for set up is on the 2.4 GHZ network, I set mine up with an iPhone. My cable modem/router has 2.4. and 5.0 networks, they have different SSID but same password for both. The cams are flashing yellow/blue because the base is not connected (Solid Blue yet). Turn the cams off for now until you get the base connected. Are the base and cams new?. The firmware for the base is correct As a last ditch effort you could reload the firmware on the base and cams the manual way, you will need a good formatted clean SD card and follow the directions exactly as shown. Do the base first, and if you can get it to turn sold blue you may be able to connect the cams and update the firmware from the app. It is PIA to do the manual firmware method but it does work for both base and cam.

Base directions for set up

Finally something that works!!! thank you so much for sharing.