Wyze Base Station light only flashes blue

Base Station, with wireless connection, and 3 Outdoor Cams all with latest firmware updates as of 8-15-21. Worked great for several months. Now the base and all 3 cams are offline. Light on base is flashing blue. Power cycled the base and on restart got steady yellow then flashing blue light. Wired (ethernet) base to my router, same results. Removed base from app (latest version) and tried to add device but only get flashing blue light.

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Having exact same problem. Didn’t remove from app but otherwise flashing blue out of the blue!

If I set it to travel mode, it connects to all three of my WCO cams. But in that mode, there is no way to see any of the standard configuration. Not sure what to do now. Try to re-flash the base firmware?

Tried flashing the firmware. No change.

Thanks Brian163 for the info. Since I’ve deleted the base from the app and can’t add it back I can’t try travel mode.


Called support and they couldn’t fix it over the phone so they’re sending me a new base station.

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Must be nice to have them sending you a new base station. When I called earlier with the same exact issue, I was told that Dev said that it was all a “connection issue” and that doesn’t fall under warranty and I’m basically sh*t out of luck. I’m not very happy about this. They’re trying to claim its an issue with my ISP, despite having no issues with any other internet/networked things in the house. My V3 is working just fine. The support rep even said that what I’m dealing with is not an isolated incident, that they’ve been getting a lot of calls about this, and yet, I’m being denied any kind of proper resolution? VERY unhappy. The only thing i haven’t done yet is to flash the base station, but it seems that comments here in the forum state that this is a waste of time. EDIT: Tried the firmware flash, and, as expected, it did nothing to help.

Same thing

JAWGS and kejoah,

Sorry to hear you’re having difficulty getting your issues resolved. Don’t know if this will help but here’s my Wyze Ticket 1415591 and the people I dealt with are Noreen Rodriguez and Natalie (don’t have her last name). Haven’t received the base station yet but USPS has it and it’s scheduled to be delivered tomorrow.

Good luck!

This crap just happened to me after the recent update and now my base station is just flashing blue when nothing in my setup changed.


Got the new base station and got it set up without any problem. (Of course it had to get the latest update.) The cameras connected to the base and I switched it to wireless. Working great now!