Base station loses connectivity to network

The base stations connect to outdoor cameras, blue light on, for a week or so and then lose all connectivity to network, yellow light display. Updated firmware, synched and hard reset but nothing seems to get the base station back to a blue light status. This same thing has happened to 3 base stations now and all my outdoor cameras are obviously not functioning. Is there any solution to getting my base station to re-connect. No help from tech support

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How are you connecting your base station to your network? WiFi or Ethernet?

What is your App Version and the Base station Firmware you updated to?

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Hi; thanks for reply. The App version is 2.31.1 (0) and latest firmware for base station is not able to get the update.

How do I get the base station to give me a flashing blue light so I it can connect back to the network is the problem, right?

you can connect it without an issue. you could try to go through the setup process again to see if that helps. Here is two articles. Please note using an Ethernet cable seems to be more stable.

The other thing to try is to remove the power from the base station and wait for a bit. Then plug it back in and see if it connects.

Hi; I’ve connected the base station to the router but the light is a steady yellow and on the app it shows as offline. The same thing has happened to all three base stations after connecting by 1. Plug into router 2. Blinking blue and then steady blue 3. Connect to outdoor cameras, fine. After setup the cameras work great for a week or two then the base station goes to a steady yellow light and I can’t reconnect. Is there any remedy for this base station problem? thanks

On your iPhone or iPad, there is a setting on the Wyze App under Apple Settings. It is called the Local Network, is that on? If that is not on, you may have issues setting up and/or connecting devices via the device. Would happen to have a different device to try and set up the WCO Base and cameras?

I have all the settings correct on my iPhone so the things is that the base station and outdoor cameras all work for weeks before the base station looses connection with the network and is unable to reestablish. It seems once the base station loses connection it will no longer work, the yellow light stays on. Could there be a problem with the base stations as this has happened three times with three different base stations ? I now have three base stations and five outdoor cameras I don’t know what to do with.

Have you restarted your Router?

There could be an issue, did you open a ticket and provide a log for Wyze to look at?

here is the support page:

and here is the contact info as well. Calling seems to be better at times: