Base Station broke by latest update

tried the latest update to the base station. update never completed and now the base station won’t connect to the camera, keeps telling me network issue. rebooted the modem, router and base station did not help, tried a reset did not help. deleted the base station and trie3d to add, but now the base station is not recognized, the connect light stays yellow. tried a new ethernet cable need help!

Known issue with the firmware. They have stopped letting the user download the firmware.
Contact customer support. They should replace it.

Read the fine print: I updated my base yesterday without any issues, of course the new app broke everything :rofl:

I have the solid yellow light on the base station. I am on IOS
I tried to reset the base station, but no success.
It won’t let me add the base station back in, the Wyze WiFi network does not come up.

any thoughts?

WYZE WiFi ??? Is your base connected via ethernet for setup? You can’t set it up on Wi Fi. You can change it after it is set up.*** Your phone also need to be on the same 2.4 network.

It is connected via ethernet.

When I try to add device I get the screen that says connect your mobile device to your network. It just stay yellow (no blue)
So I hit hit the blue and next and it tells me can’t find base station, set up with the QR scanner
So it try that and it tells me connect phone to Wyze-bind-xxx, but that network in no i my WiFi window

Have you tried it with cell data turned off on your phone settings, don’t forget to turn back on. I set mine up in 2020 using the QR code. It didn’t show up in your list of networks, sometimes it takes a while for them to load.

Cell data off, no help.

Can’t get past the yellow light, I think my base station has gone bad, resetting not works either

I’m out of ideas. Firmware .117 did the same as .66 before they fixed it, you should contact support I guess when they are open for business tomorrow. 206-339-9646 4AM-8PM Pacific time. (Good luck with that). They are probably quite busy due to the iOS app being FUBAR. Good Luck in your adventures.

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Thanks for the suggestions, I’ll call tomorrow


So I called them, thanks for the phone number.
We did some trouble shooting (repeating what I had already done)
and they decided my base station was bad and they are sending me a new one.
Thanks for all your help


Great, happy to hear you got to contact them and they’re taking care of you.