Installing Base Station

I have a new outdoor cam and base station. When I plug in the basestation and connect it to a router (Google Mesh routers, older version) the light on the base station is first solid yellow and then flashes blue. It never gets to solid blue.

I tried telling the app that the light was blue. After a bit it said it couldn’t find the base station and offered to let me use the QR code (On the base station). It scanned the QR code and then said to connect the phone to “Wyze_bind_xxx” This SSID doesn’t exist but WYZE_5F2739… . . (Looks like a MAC address but not the one on the base station. I connected to WYZE_5F27… which then asked for a password.

I submitted this to WYZE support (Wyze Ticket 938812) several days ago but haven’t gotten a response .

If this device is “broken” i need to know so I can return it to Amazon.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: The Google WIFI app indicates that the base station has connected to the network and has been assigned in IP address. Using this IP address I can ping the base station from a network attached computer.

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I don’t know why this would be happening especially if the base is connecting to your network.
I would try calling and mention your previous ticket.
By phone: (206) 339-9646 Available Monday - Friday 5 am - 6 pm PT and Saturday 8 am - 4 pm PT

If it’s on the network, but not connecting out, I’d check to make sure that ports arn’t being blocked. There is also a .200 subnet issue, I’ll try and edit in a link to another thread about it.

Some light reading about similar issues. Check these out and see if any information within can help you.