Cam Outdoor Basestation Failed During Update

When I went to the app today (iOS) it said there were updates available for all four cameras and the basestation. The cameras updated but the basestation did not. It is now inaccessible (and, therefore, so are the cameras). I’ve got a solid yellow light. Wyze Customer Service has been unhelpful.

Any thoughts on how I can get it restarted? Should I just do a factory reset? I assume I’ll have to reset the cameras as well, right? Essentially starting over from the beginning.

Thanks for your help.


Happened to these members also:

I’m in the same situation. Need help!

Do you have the base station connected via WiFi? I had to reconnect it to Ethernet to get it back online.

Hi all, sorry about the issue. We’re looking into this. A few follow-up questions for you:

  1. Was the base station connected via Wifi or ethernet connection?
  2. Does the power cycle bring back it online? If not, can you please try to connect to an ethernet port and see if it works?
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  1. It was connected to ethernet
  2. Power cycle didn’t have a noticeable impact (solid yellow before and after). As above already connected to ethernet.
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It was set up on WiFi originally. I have tried cycling it, plugging it in to Ethernet, etc. All to no avail.

Noted! Thank you. Do you happen to have a microSD card handy? If so, could you insert the SD card in the base station and pull it out after 5 seconds? There will be a log folder on the SD card. Please zip it and send it to me.

I have a SD card installed. What does the log file look like? I’ll send it as soon as I can. Is there anything I can do in the meantime to get my system back online (hard reset, etc)?

Connected via ethernet. I did a revert firmware on base station after connection issue but firmware wont revert on outdoor cam. Removed sd card, power cycled and firmware revert always fails on cam.

OK. I have it zipped. Where do I send it? I don’t want to just post something to an online forum. Thanks.

Please send it to Thank you!

Also here’s an update on the issue.
Our new firmware updated a security related fix that causes the outdoor camera takes longer (~5 mins) than usual to connect back to the base station. During the 5 mins, the outdoor cameras will show as offline but they will come back online eventually. We looked around 14 logs from the back end last night and all of the reported outdoor cameras are connected back online. This issue happens right after you update your base station to the latest and is expected.

Please wait for 5 mins after the base station firmware update.

  • If the camera doesn’t come back online, power cycle the outdoor camera by flipping the switch on the back of the camera.
  • If you ever downgraded your base station firmware, the outdoor camera with the latest firmware will always show offline. Please update the base station to the latest (, the outdoor cameras will take much longer (in a few hours) to reconnect (a battery saving mechanism). But if you flip the camera power switch, the cameras will reconnect right away.

Same thing here. Frustrating! The advantage to these cameras for me is to be able to watch over my home in Michigan while in Southern California. When these firmware updates “brick” the camera, I have no recourse to investigate the cause, or find a course for repair. So right now, it’s pretty much worthless. And by the way, I have about 10 other Wyze cams that don’t have these issues. I would be happy to hear your thoughts on how this situation could be remedied.


I was finally able to connect the camera to base station. I selected the base station in the app and selected add camera. I then added the outdoor camera and it connected right away.

The Base could not connect to internet for several days either via wifi or ethernet. As a result, its firmware could not be reverted. Is there anyway to fix this?


I noticed the firmware update today and went ahead and updated my base, now all the cameras are shown offline and unable to connect. I tried everything (resettled the cameras, unplugged the base, etc) but no luck. Please help.

Did you update the camera firmware first or not at all?. If you updated the base and not the cams as stated above they will show off line. If you did not update the cams revert the base firmware back to the previous version and see if that works.

I updated the base first as instructed. After that, the cameras were offline and unable to update since they were not able to connect. I am unable to revert the firmware for the base. There is no option to do so when attempting. Message says that no other version is available.

Do it this way then. I did my 4 cameras first yesterday then the base, it took 15 min. via the app without issue. My base is connected via ethernet. Do a manual firmware change, go back to the previous base of March 9, 2021

I don’t know if I’m missing something, but my base station is essentially bricked. I have a solid yellow light, I cannot access it via the app (even connected), it doesn’t reset via power cycling and I have tried the factory reset (via the hole near the USB port) and that doesn’t do anything either. I’d love to install older firmware, but I can’t seem to be able to do anything right now. I’m getting very fed up with this process.

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