CAM outdoor not working

What is going on. Outdoor cameras have went to crap. Gues there not to weather proof. I’m very upset about this. Delayed recording, sometimes frame stick, no notifications, won’t connect back to WiFi. Setup not working for resetting ugghhh some one help

Which outdoor camera? I have four of the Version 1 Battery powered WCO and they have all been outdoors since 4 November 2020 in all kinds of weather. Base is connected via ethernet.

Agreed, I have 4 base stations at 3 different locations with 3 different sources of internet (a mix of V1 and V2 outdoor cams/base stations). Some are connected wirelessly, and some are directly wired. There is no rhyme or reason for the ability to connect to the live stream and I feel like the cameras are missing recording a lot of events that they should be catching. My networks are not the issue as I can view the streams from my Wyze Cam V3 with no issues. This tells me that my firewalls are configured properly to allow their traffic in and out of these cameras. This issue does only seem to plague one base station at a time. The only resolution I have found is a is a full reboot of everything in this order: Turn off all of the cameras with their power switch → unplug the base station for 3-5 seconds, then power up. Wait for the status light to go solid blue, then turn each camera back on to reconnect. It will be good for 5-7 days and then it is a crapshoot beyond that for connectivity.

They have not always been like this. Just in the last 5-7 months. Their “wizards” are useless and always want to blame the customer network.

Right!!! I total agree with the time frame of this starting. I’ll try your suggestion and see what happens but I tell you what out of 5 camera that I have set up if one more goes down with out recover ill be looking into another company. As much as I love Wyze I will have to let them go. Also the worse part is there’s not reset button. It tells me get closer to base heck had it sitting on top of it and still wont reconnect but every other device(s) in the house connecting with no problem. Ugghh its so frustrating

I have Wyze outdoor V1 it was doing good never had a problem until about 2 months ago. It wasn’t recording right. Then it started being delayed when I would check to see what’s going on at home in front. Kept losing connection etc. so I had decided well let me delete it and reset it up. Well that was a big mistake because I can’t get it to connect back up. Restarted my internet the base and all nothing. Even fully charged the cam nothing still. Wyze states it out of warranty. It’s horrible. I need my camera back up running someone help please

If you deleted the camera when it was showing off-line (not connected) you will never get it set up again.
See second paragraph under Problem.

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Another cam down stuck on 6/6 won’t power off signal bars are full. I’m starting to think Wyze is some BS spoke highly on them spent alot of money with them only to be failed im so disappointed and angry