Outdoor Cam product lack of troubleshooting

I have bought 3 base stations and 6 outdoor cams, out of which 2 base stations and 5 outdoor cams had unresolvable problems and I ended up getting replacements. while I applaud for Wyze’s prompt replacement services, I feel unless the effective troubleshooting for the outdoor cam product is established, we may keep getting simple but unresolvable problems, the only solution is the replacement and we will run out of patience for the product.
The problem starts when the base station not being able to connect to the network through ethernet after the initial setup of the base station with outdoor cams is done (the outdoor cams are now binding with the base station). This connection problem may last forever (keep getting flashing blue light). There is no factory reset for the base station. The only troubleshooting the support offers is to power cycle the base station. but that does not solve the problem. If the base station connecting to the network problem is unresolved, the next solution that support can offer is to replace your base station. Since the outdoor cams are now bound with the base station and there is no factory reset for the outdoor cams, when the base station is replaced, the cams that are bound to the base station become bricks, and will have to be replaced as well. this will become a vicious cycle. The chances are the replaced base station after initial setup with the replaced outdoor cams will stop connecting at some point. Because there is no effective troubleshooting, the replacement of the product will continue until both Wyze and we are running out of patience.
Essentially, this product has flaws that should not have been released. Wyze, please work out a solution for your outdoor cam product.

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Sorry your having issues with the outdoor cams.

Since so many have failed in the same way for you, this sounds like a network problem.

Can you elaborate more on what’s failing? Are you able to set it up, but after a few days it goes offline, and power cycling doesn’t fix it?

Are you using the router given by your ISP?

What’s your internet speed (up and down)

Is it showing offline when viewing the live stream at home or on a different network (or cellular)?

What happens if you turn the cameras off and back on with the switch?

Does the base appear offline, or just the cams?

I was able to set up the base station and outdoor cam v2, but for unknown reasons, the base station stop working in a matter of a few days by continuous flashing blue light. on the app, the base station shows a status of unstable connection. I use 6 Asus AX6600 for the entire house. the 2.4G signal is good. the base station is hooked up through ethernet to a router port. I can see the ip address of the base station. outdoor cams in this case do not matter. if a base station is not connected, cams are bricks. I have gone through with the help desk but there is no effective trouble shooting. the only solutions service people can offer is to replace hardware. that does not solve the problem.

Power cycling the base does not resolve it? Even temporarily?

I wish it could be as easy as power cycling the unit. In fact, that was the only solution that support could offer other than replacing the unit. I don’t understand the logic behind no factory reset for the base station and cams.

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