Outdoor camera constantly failing

We purchased two outdoor camera’s v2 and base station. We set them up outside and they have a strong wifi connection but they are CONSTANTLY failing on us. They regularly go offline, they constantly do not pick up motion in the designated zones, connectivity is just awful. We bought these to monitor our home while away on vacations and out of town and now we are away and they keep failing, we have no way to fix them, reset them, or make them work since we are not there. We’ve had issues since we bought them. Our wifi is working just fine as we have regular wyze cams at the house that are working perfectly and nothing else has gone out.

Is this something that is common with the outdoor cameras? Is there anything we can do? Any advice? I’m wanting to just throw them out and get something more reliable.

Not common with my old version one cameras that I have been using for 23 months. The wi-fi in your house and to the other cams you have makes no difference, the WCO cameras get a signal from the base.
My base is connected via ethernet and is connected to a smart plug so I can power cycle the base when the cams go off-line. The cams sometimes show off-line about once every 4 or more months so I stop and restart the base and they come back.
Check the signal at your cams when they are working.


Our base station is connected to the router via ethernet. My SIL just went over to our house about a week ago to reset the base station for us and again for the 3rd time they are having connectivity issues with full signal strength. Not sure what’s going on.

Never thought to put the base station on a smart plug though so we can power cycle it while away. Smart idea. We’ll try that when we get back there.

I don’t use WYZE smart plugs but they will probably work. I use KASA smart plugs just in case WYZE is down.

Yea, i have an old Wemo (trash, never buy a Wemo product) on the base and have it scheduled to reboot every night at 2am. The cams should come back online after about a minute.