Outdoor Cam Issues

Back in May I bought a Wyze Cam Outdoor V2 with the base station. The camera was a dud. With that said, I contacted Wyze support who seemed clueless as to how to proceed so they sent me a replacement. In fact I got three replacements and was told to keep when I mentioned to them. The first dud finally died on me. I had it plugged in on power inside just to see how long it would last. It lasted a month. No surprise. The other 3 seemed fine. Full bars, no traffic in area, and so on. The other night the one cam in very very good spot was at 51% battery when it just blinked out. I rebooted the base station which I have to do every day since getting these cams and it did no good. I then brought the cam inside, turned off and plugged in using the original cable and hooked up to the base station. 12 hours now and it still shows me critical battery issue. The other 2 outdoor cams won’t take a charge at all. I would have used the solar panels but with constant rain and flooding here it’s hard to keep the charge that way. My question is, am I the only one who has issues with these cams? I have tried cams from other companies and have no problems whatsoever. Wyze and I did check my internet connection and it’s the strongest there is so I’m not sure what to do. I really can no longer recommend Wyze products to anyone. And yes complaining to Wyze does no good. All they do is send you more replacements that are equally glitched. Any ideas from normal users who are tech stupid like me on how to fix this issue? Oh and the cam is still flashing red even when I turn back on. Not sure what to do anymore. Thanks.

Sorry your having issues, that’s very strange. I have 4 WCOs and not seeing any of those issues…

Are you using the power cable and the usb on the side of the base station to charge the camera? Try turning the cam off when charging.

Are you using the power cable included with the base?

Have you tried restarting your router? Routers have an upper limit of devices, and multiple cameras can cause a lot of stress on a router. If your using an older, cheaper, or ISP provided router you may wanna upgrade it.

Have your replacements included the base station? Have you deleted the base from and app and set it back up?

Always delete the cameras ONLY when they are online and the base is online. The WCO will brick itself if it isn’t able to talk to the base to prevent theft.

I’m using the power cables and usb on the side of the base station to charge the camera. I always turn the cam off before charging. I have reset my router as well. I ran 8 cams (mix of V3s and Pan 2s) no issue. I take away 2 V3s and 2 Pan 2s to replace with the outdoor cam and have issues. I also have spectrum’s latest router and modem (last year release). I haven not reset the base station nor did I receive the base station in any of the replacements.

How come you replaced the cams? The wired v3 cams are much better than the battery ones since they don’t have the limitation of a battery.

I replaced them because the cam I got I fully charged, did not turn on til hours later (it was 8 hours), added to base and within an hour it went from 100% charge to dead 0%. This happened 3 times so the cam was a dud. I contacted support and somehow wound up with 3 cam replacements.

So what do you do if the cam totally dies or loses charge and won’t charge again? Guess I’m SOL which is another reason I will never buy a WCO from Wyze.

The v3 cams aren’t battery powered, only the WCO v1 and v2.

Is that what you meant?

Yes. The WCO 1 and 2 are battery powered. What I was doing with the V3s and Pans was hooking them up to a portable power bank to keep running. Which I’m quickly learning is less of a hassle then the glitchy WCOs I bought.