Can't get help with Outdoor cam

My wife bought me a Wzye cam outdoor for Christmas. I already had one and a base station. We have them in the backyard and they do a good job. About two weeks ago I went to charge both of them. The older one charged in about 4 hours with no problem. The second went for 29% to 48% in 12 hours. I figured I let it drain and try to charge again. After about 8 hours in went to 0%. I tried to charge it and after 2 days it was still at 0%. I went through the suggestions on the Wyze page and them contacted support. A few day later I got a response with was a copy and past from the FAQ page. Looks like they did not even read my questions. I answered the email as for a fix or a replacement camera. 3 days later i got a response asking if I want help trouble shooting. I sad of course, I still waiting for a answer.
Has Wyze lost their way, they keep pumping out new products and not looking back. Wyze get your act together your loyal users are counting on you.

Finally got a Wyze team member to respond after I created a new support ticket. They came through for me and got my issue resolved.
Thanks Wyze


I have the same prob with mine and been days trying to reach them. Now I can’t even login to acct cause someone changed my 2 step so not only those 2 problems now I can’t use because once with account if stolen they can’t reuse without my account

Call support and try to explain your issue with account and first problem. 1-844-999-3226 M-F 5 Am-6PM Pacific time. I called at 9:05 Pacific time and got connected after two rings. Just lucky I guess.

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Thank you I tried that still on hold for hour and half for them to hang up on me. I’m about to cancel all my preorders. If I can’t get help for my cameras. How am I supposed to trust that home monitoring, I’m still waiting for is gonna be any different. Not good business practice about to return everything I’ve ordered from them that can be returned I believe I have 30 days after. Got 3 v3 going back I guess 2 outdoor cams and base. home monitor and lamp gonna cancel