Terrible support, is this normal?

I recently bought the Cam Outdoor starter pack + 3 extra outdoor cams, and like many others I have read about, I can’t view the cam feeds or playback if checking them from a different wifi or mobile network. Which defeats the purpose of having them, because I can’t check them when away from home.

I went though a million support questions including assessment with a 3rd party software download and sharing of logs, and after a few weeks the response I got from Wyze was that the problem “may” be fixed at some time in the future with a software update. Since then, no response.

What a joke. I’ve submitted a return for all the outdoor cams and it’s seriously affected my confidence with any other Wyze purchases.

Matt, If you would post your ticket number(s) here, we will try to pass it along to be looked into why you were given that response.


OK then, it’s ticket 960834.

Thank you for doing that.

Loki: exactly what does one need to do to get Supports attention? I have been trying for about two weeks to get help for a failed contact sensor without success. Tried chat and got dropped multiple times. Responded to email regarding dropped chat, multiple times. Flagged Gwendolyn on the post asking for assistance. Crickets from all…

The only other way I know of would be to call

WYZE Support

Live support is available:


Monday - Friday 5 am - 6 pm PT

Saturday 8 am - 4 pm PT

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Not inclined to sit on the phone for 1/2 an hour or more. That’s one of the reasons my chats got dropped…too busy; leave email address and we’ll contact you.

I was just giving another option you had not tried. I do understand the reluctance to wait on hold as I also hate that.

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@Dingus, I’ll have the team check on this. It sounds like the agent you were working with may have run out of troubleshooting so I’ll get a second opinion just to make sure. We apologize for the poor experience you’ve had.

@WildBill, I’m running way behind over here and I’m very sorry. May I please have your support ticket number? I’ll keep this tab open so I circle back.

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I too have been having challenges with support. On two occasions the support team has committed to sending me return slipstream for my outside cams. They tried troubleshooting to no avail which is why I’m returning the cameras. Same issue everybody else seems to be having - Not picking up motion. First commitment to send return slips was February 9 and the second commitment was February 12. I responded to the email from February 12 and I’ve yet to receive a response nor do I expect to receive one. Ticket #1042036. Gentleman‘s name was JP. I have been working with support since before February 2. I would very much appreciate your support. :blush:

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There are two about the same issue: 1038459 and 1038488. As far as I know, both are still open.

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Ah… I think I know this issue in this particular case. We’re fielding a system issue that is preventing us from generating return labels. The web team is working on it! But it’s been taking longer than we initially expected it to and we apologize. But I’ll send your ticket over just in case it isn’t that issue. :slight_smile:

@WildBill, I’ll send yours as well! Thanks for getting the ticket numbers to me and I appreciate your patience.

Hi WildBill,

I cannot apologize enough for not replying sooner. Thank you so very much for your quick response. I appreciate your taking the time to research my issue and provide a response. I will patiently await another week before reaching out again.


Thank you as well for your time responding to my concern. I appreciate your support.


Pamela Alford


You’re welcome, Pamela. I know that delays like this can be frustrating and we appreciate your patience.


Should I have heard something from support by now?

I’m not getting any response myself. I put in for a warranty return but no response there after the first. I’ve got to say, I’ve gone from recommending Wyze products to recommending against.

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Still nothing…not even a reply from you @WyzeGwendolyn. Very disappointing.

Seems to be the norm. I’ve been without my cameras working for over a month now. An escalated ticket of mine has been left for 3 weeks now.

I will see if I can get @WyzeGwendolyn attention, sorry for the delays.

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I know that the return label issue is still current but I heard that updates were going out to folks. I did expect that you would hear back from now so I’ll poke the team. Thanks for letting me know you haven’t received a reply!

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@WildBill, looks like yours are missed chats. We would need you to reach back out because we can’t open those again.

@Dingus, sounds like we offered a warranty through ticket 1043054 and are waiting to hear back from you. :slight_smile: